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Posts tagged as “Thinking”

Think Outside The Bag


I’ve heard it said many times that if you want to find success, simply “think outside the box.”  Easier said than done, but, in my opinion, there is some merit…

Are You Overlooking This Great Way To Think?


Thinking…something we should all be doing.  Right now, you are probably thinking, “What is he talking about?  I think all the time.”  While this may be true, are you thinking…

Thinking 1% vs. 10% vs 10x


There are many discussions around how we need to think if we want to be successful.  I have seen guys say to shoot for 1% better each day.  I have…

As A Man Thinketh: 3 Take Aways


This is one of those books that will make you step back and say, in your best Dr. Phil voice, “What were you thinking?”  This book made me look at…

“Become a two quarter person.” –Earl Schoaff


“Become a two quarter person.”  Really 5and2Guy???  Are you really that cheap?  No way, not what I mean.  A “two quarter” person is someone who is a higher thinker.  This is a…