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Posts tagged as “success”

Two Frogs in the Milk


More and more millionaires are made every day.  We don’t hear about most of them, but the ones we do hear about tend to be the celebrities in entertainment or…

How Close Are You?


Too many times, people have been close to realizing their dream, only to give up at the last possible moment.  They believe it’s time to give something up, when it…

Are You Asking The Right Question?


When we go in for a job interview, we all ask the same type of questions.  Do these sound familiar: Across many, many jobs, these are the most common questions…

Life On Autopilot


What if I told you there is a way to get more things done?  You can be more productive if you just do one little thing and follow through.  All…

Do What Average People Don’t Do


I was reading a book by Beau Norton titled 4 Simple Steps to Massive Success, when I came across this quote, “If you do the things average people don’t do,…

What To Do, What To Do???


We have talked many times before about how we have too many things on our list.  The ToDo List that is so overwhelming that it is more paralyzing than constructive. …