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Posts tagged as “simple”

The 7 Golden Rules of Money


I came across this YouTube video from Betterment Boss, titled The 7 Golden Rules of Money | How To Be Good With Money.  Seems like a worthy topic.  A “Golden…

Starting Over Again: Building My Home Gym


I asked myself the other day, “If I had to start over again, and I only had $200, what would I buy to start rebuilding my home gym?”  Your first…

Health: A Few Simple Disciplines


In last Friday’s post, we discussed the need to Make the Decision!!!  The decision to get healthy, that is.  No need sitting on the fence and saying someday you will…

Complexity Is The Enemy Of Execution


Have you ever seen someone shoot themselves in their own foot simply by overthinking something?  How about that guy who thought of everything but the one essential thing that was…