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Posts tagged as “routine”

Three Questions to Build A Workout Plan


When it comes to working out, one thing that always comes up is TIME.  Time, time, time…if I only had more time.  Many people say they would work out if…

Yay…I’m Working From Home


For me, I always had the dream of working from home.  Ever since I saw Sandra Bullock in The Net, I wanted to be that person who just worked from…

Stuck Inside? Why Not Improve The Ride?


No, I am not talking about buying a new car.  I am talking about making the best of the opportunity we have before us while we are isolating in our…

Why Do I Need A Boring Routine?


If you talk to a lot of successful people, they will tell you that success is reached by developing a good routine.  You may be thinking that a routine sounds…

Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere


There are times where we can’t get to the gym or maybe don’t even have the extra money for the membership.  Or perhaps you are out of town on business…