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Posts tagged as “persistence”

Two Frogs in the Milk


More and more millionaires are made every day.  We don’t hear about most of them, but the ones we do hear about tend to be the celebrities in entertainment or…

How Close Are You?


Too many times, people have been close to realizing their dream, only to give up at the last possible moment.  They believe it’s time to give something up, when it…

The Creed of the Persistent and Passionate Mind


I was reading Tim Ferris’ Tools of Titans book when he mentioned Peter Diamandis as a titan.  Peter is a Greek entrepreneur, physician, and engineer who is the founder of…

You Only Need Three Things To Be Successful


People always say that being successful is too hard.  They think you have to be smart, have a lot of money already, or simply be lucky to make any real…