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Posts tagged as “investing”

Five Reasons for Undervalued Stocks


When it comes to Stock Market investing and valuing stocks, you need to have an idea of what types of things can cause stocks to become undervalued.  Understanding these reasons…

Value Investing: I’d Buy That For A Dollar!!!


Made popular by the 1987 movie, Robocop, “I’d buy that for a dollar” became a pretty popular saying.  Though in the movie, the character who often said it was surrounded…

Six Basic Rules to Investing


As I was researching the next money topic to share with all you 5and2Guys and Gals, I realized I haven’t shared any basic rules to investing with you.  So, I…

There’s a difference???


Last Money Monday, we talked about Money Market Accounts and how they are a safe place to park your money but offer a very limited return.  Often confused with Money…

Acorns: The Virtual Change Jar


Do you now, or have you ever had that old change jar sitting at home where you would throw any spare change in the jar at the end of the…