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Posts tagged as “Intro”

What is Fitness Friday?


Hey guys and gals.  Welcome to Fitness Friday!!!  Every Friday, me, the 5and2Guy, will be sharing with you tidbits of information and experiences around health and fitness.  No, I am…

What is Happy Thursday?


Welcome to Happy Thursday!!!  Today may not be Thursday or you may be thinking, “I ain’t happy,” but HAPPINESS is what this section is about.  Every Thursday there will be…

What is Wisdom Wednesday?


Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday!!!  This is the place you want to be if you want to learn how to grow your mind.  Now, the other days of the week we…

What is Relational Tuesday?


Welcome to Relational Tuesday!!!  Whenever I hear the word “relational” or “relations”, I can’t help but think of that Nutty Professor scene.  The one where the whole family is sitting…

What is Money Monday?


Welcome to Money Monday!!! Queue For the Love of Money song by The O’Jays. I can’t talk about money without thinking of the infamous, “money, money, money, money……money” line from…