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Posts tagged as “financial IQ”

10 Steps to Financial Freedom – Part 2


Last Money Monday I shared with you the 10 Steps to Financial Freedom – Part 1.  In that post I provided the first 5 steps to get you started on…

10 Steps to Financial Freedom – Part 1


We all want financial freedom.  You know what I mean…the ability to live off of the income generated from your own resources.  No, not from your job, but from your…

7 Shocking Truths About Money


“The truth will set you free.”  I’m sure you’ve heard that before, and it’s a pretty accurate statement.  When it comes to money, this statement still holds water.  With that…

The One Way To Truly Measure Wealth


Being rich and wealthy can be measured in many ways.  You can be rich in happiness, rich in love, or rich in money.  When it comes to Money Monday, we…

My Top Three Recommended Books On Money


I would like to take this week and use each 5and2Guy day as a day to recommend some great books on each category of life improvement.  Today I will share…

90% Of Money Problems


If you ask anyone what their money problems are, 90% of them will tell you that it is with the amount of money they make.  If only they could get…