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Posts tagged as “faith”

What Makes a Good Husband?


I was thinking the other day…when it comes to relationships, what makes a “good” husband? I suspect we all want to be what’s considered “good”, so I decided to do…

You’re Never Alone


This is one of those posts that some people will love and others may stop following the 5and2Guy.  I’m willing to take that risk because of my faith.  Yes, “faith.” …

Here’s What You Really Need


When it comes to being successful, you’ll hear all kinds of answers about what you need.  You’ll be told you have to have connections, money to get started, opportunities, etc….…

You Only Need Three Things To Be Successful


People always say that being successful is too hard.  They think you have to be smart, have a lot of money already, or simply be lucky to make any real…