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Posts tagged as “diet”

Why Can’t I See My Abs???


There are many, many reasons why you may not be seeing your abs (abdominal muscles).  For some, the reason is obvious, but for others who are doing everything they can…

Six Weight Loss Myths


There are a million people out there that will tell you how to lose weight.  They’ll rattle off the latest thing they heard because it sounds right and they want…

Alcoholic Drinks That Won’t Pack On The Pounds


So, you’ve been working out, dieting, and doing your best to get into shape.  You’re seeing good progress and loving how you feel.  Then the phone rings.  It’s your best…

Four Core Principles of Weight Loss & Nutrition


If you asked ten people how to lose weight and improve your nutrition, you would probably get ten different answers.  One person may say, “try the Paleo Diet”, another may…

Diet??? Who Wants To Diet???


Don’t say diet.  That’s a word that will make people squirm and head for the exits quickly.  Well, maybe not everyone, but most people don’t want to hear the word…