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Posts tagged as “Christmas”

Three Christmas Gifts For Fitness


There are tons and tons of gifts that you can purchase for someone when it comes to fitness.  I mean, the options are pretty much endless.  With little thought, you…

Three Christmas Gifts For Happiness


You may be thinking, just about any gifts can bring happiness, and for some that may be true.  But the gifts I want to talk about today are the kind…

Three Christmas Gifts For Wisdom


Who doesn’t want to be a little wiser???  Maybe some people will say, “I’m good the way I am” but trust me, they want to be wiser too.  They just…

Christmas Gifts That Touch The Heart


When it comes to touching the heart of someone you care about, you need to understand the person and how they feel and experience love.  If you remember, back in…

Three Christmas Gifts Involving Money


I want to take this week and dedicate it to recommending gifts of a certain type for each day of the 5and2Guy week.  For Money Monday, I want to share…