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Posts tagged as “change”

3 Steps to a Brand New Life


We’re always looking for a way to improve our lives…a way to get out of debt, improve our relationships, be happier, and make a difference in this world.  When it…

I wanted to change the world


Along the lines of my post yesterday, on The Other Side of the Wall, I want to continue with the theme of how what we do impacts others.  We can’t…

Why Didn’t I Think Of That???


One of the biggest challenges we can face when we’re trying to be positive, lift people up, and do all the right things in life is how to act around…

Say No To Shortcuts


Too many people tend to think that all they have to do to feel better is go on a diet for a few weeks or months and drop that extra…

“When Will Things Get Better???”


This is a common question we all tend to ask ourselves.  I remember asking myself this question for years.  We all ask this question, but it can come in different…