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“…I hope a wagon comes down your rut.”


I was watching a Jim Rohn video the other day and heard him say this quote.  If taken out of context, it sounds like something you’d say to one of your worse enemies.  But Mr. Rohn wasn’t saying this out of anger, but out of inspiration.  Let me build it up for you and explain…

Live One Way or The Other

Mr. Rohn says that we have to learn to live “one way or the other.”  What does that mean?  He’s saying that we need to take a strong stance, have a strong passion, pick one extreme or the other.  For example, choose either hot or cold.  Go strong one way or the other, don’t dabble in the lukewarm middle of mediocrity.  Pick a direction in life and give it everything you have.  You may ask, “What if it’s the wrong direction?”  Mr. Rohn has the answer, “You’ll find out quicker.”

How will you know if something is going to work or if something is worth the investment?  You have to take a shot and go for it.  And don’t go for it with a half-assed effort.  Give it everything and make it happen.  Why don’t we just go for it?  Why don’t we take action?  I believe it’s because we’re afraid it might be the wrong direction.  Then what???

What if it’s the wrong direction?

There’s not a lot of guarantees in life.  I only know of a few.  So, why pick a direction, something to go for, if we’re not sure it’s going to work out???  Because by picking a direction, and going for it, you’ll find out faster if it’s going to work or not.  It’s better to pick a direction and get going in that direction than to stay in one spot, wondering if it’ll work.  We learn as we go along.  It might not be a straight line towards success, but by picking a direction and giving it everything you got, you’ll learn quicker and reach success faster. probably won’t be a straight line, but a jagged line to success will work too.  But how do you motivate yourself to get started?

We’re Motivated by One of Two Things

We all want prosperity out of life.  We want the most we can get so we can be as happy as we can be.  Mr. Rohn says that if you don’t have prosperity, the next best thing to have is adversity.  He says, “If one doesn’t get you, pray for the other.”  Why would we pray for adversity if we don’t have prosperity?  That’s because we tend to do better in life based on one of these two things:  inspiration or desperation.  Either one of these will give you the kick in the butt you need to pick a direction and get going.

If we’re inspired, we crave more.  We want it bad.  We get our butt in gear.  If we’re desperate, then we’ll fight to survive.  We want it bad.  We get our butt in gear.  So, if you’re not inspired, then desperation is your next best friend.  This leads us to Mr. Rohn’s quote:

“I don’t wish anything bad on you, but if you’re not inspired, I hope a wagon comes down your rut.”

The Takeaway

What are you going after right now?  What has you passionate in life?  Do you know what it is?  Do you want a better home life?  Do you want a better job?  Do you want more money?  Whatever it is, pick a direction towards what you want and go at it with everything you’ve got.  Be passionate.  Have strong feelings.  Hopefully you’re inspired for a positive change.  But if it’s not inspiration that motivates you, then desperation needs to be your best friend.  

If you want to change things in your life, get off your butt and stop wondering what will happen, if you pick a direction, and start to make things happen.  You will have small successes and failures along the way, but that’s all part of the journey.  Be all the way hot, or all the way cold.  Don’t be lukewarm.  Get pumped, get motivated, and get going!!!

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