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Healthy Snacks To Go


One of the toughest challenges with our diets is how we eat when life rushes us.  You know what I mean.  Are you more likely to have a healthier breakfast when you have two more hours to get to work or when you woke up late and have to hit the road immediately.  This is where fast food came to the rescue…or did it?  No it didn’t.  Fast food, though convenient and quick, is usually unhealthy and not ideal for someone who cares about their health and diet.

Let’s be clear what I’m talking about.  I’m NOT talking about the occasional guilty pleasure of the Dunkin Donut’s Boston Cream Doughnut that you have every once in a while.  I’m talking about the life that regularly forces you to make unhealthy diet choices because life is too busy kicking your butt and you don’t seem to have time to make a healthier choice.  I’m talking specifically about the times when you’re on the run and have to get moving.  Is fast food your only option???  Nope!!!

5 Healthy Snacks to the Rescue

If you’re the person who wants to be healthier but finds themselves constantly on the run, grabbing fast food because it’s convenient, then there is hope.  There are many, many, healthy snacks that you can take with you, or leave in your car for such an occasion.  Here are a few healthy snacks that I personally like and recommend you keep handy so you can save some inches on your waste, some years of your life, and some money in your pocket:

1. Jerky – Usually high in protein and quite tasty.  Try to find some low in sugar if possible, or make your own.

2.  Trail Mix/Nuts – Though I don’t personally eat a lot of trail mix, the combination of dried fruits and nuts can be a great source of protein.  I like different types of nuts and tend to grab a cup of mixed nuts if I want a healthier, quick snack.

3.  Hard-boiled Eggs– Eggs are the power food that gives your body almost every nutrient that it needs.  Hard-boil a few on a Sunday night and have them available for yourself throughout the week.

4.  Fruits – Yeah, I know.  Fruits can be high in sugar, but I tend to think of them as the good kind of sugar.  I like to have bananas, pears, and apples on hand for a quick snack.  I eat at least two helpings of fruit each day.  It’s been a great addition to my diet and has actually helped me to lose weight.

5.  Protein Bars – These have come a long ways over the years.  They use to be horribly tasting but really healthy.  Then they became pretty tasty but less healthy, with a bunch of added sugar.  Now you can find some that taste pretty good and are pretty healthy for you.  My favorites are Quest and Pure Protein bars.

The Takeaway

When it comes to staying healthy and eating right, we have to plan for the times where life is too busy to let us make the best choice.  We have to plan for these times and be prepared, otherwise we tend to resort to fast food and poor choices.  An ounce of planning is worth a ton of progress when it comes to many things, including your health.

Obviously this is not an all inclusive list.  These are just my recommendations and some of my personal favorites when it comes to healthier snacks on the go and a great way to avoid the junk food that junks up our lives.  Have these five snacks on hand and take them with you when you’re on the go.  They will help you reach your fitness and diet goals and save you some money at the same time!!!

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