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Oh, The Folly of Clinging

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‘You are way too clingy.’

I came across this great little story that can teach us a thing or two about life.  If we can grasp the wisdom from the stories we hear, we could use that wisdom to mold a better life for ourselves.  Today the story is about letting go and The Folly of Clinging

The Folly of Clinging Story

The little boy walked slowly into the room where his mother was sitting at her desk writing. She glanced down at him and saw that he was carrying a very precious vase that her grandmother had given her. Almost absentmindedly she said to him, “Robert, go put the vase down before you drop it and break it.”

“I can’t,” he replied, “I can’t get my hand out.”

“Of course you can,” she said, “you got it down there.”

He said, “I know, mom, but it won’t come out.” The neck of the vase was very narrow and his hand had fit it neatly inside and it was now up to his wrist. He continued to insist that he could not get it out. Growing a little concerned, his mother called out to his dad.

Dad calmly took control and began gently pulling the arm trying to extract the hand from the vase. He tried loosening it up with soapy water. Still nothing. He then got some vegetable oil from the kitchen and poured it around the wrist and let it seep into the vase. He wiggled it some. It still did not budge.

“I give up,” the dad said in desperation. “I’d give a dollar right now to know how to get it out.”

“Really?” little Robert exclaimed. Then they heard a clinking sound and his hand slid right out of the vase. They turned the vase upside down and a penny plopped out. “What’s this?” they said in unison.

“Oh, that’s the penny I put inside. I wanted to get it out so I was clutching it in my hand. But when I heard Dad say he would give a dollar to have the vase free, I let go.”

The Takeaway

Too often in life we hold on to things that are holding us back.  The sad part is that we don’t even realize it.  We’re too caught up in life and our current situation that we fail to see the bigger picture and what we could have if we could simply let go.  It could be a job that you want to leave but are holding on to out of fear.  It could be a relationship that is going nowhere, but you’re hoping it is.  Or perhaps it’s holding on to the comfort of life instead of the next big change because you’re afraid to fail?  Maybe it’s time to let go.

I encourage you to not cling on to things that are holding you back.  Try to step out of your current situation and look at it with a wider lens.  Be objective, and ask what you would tell a friend or loved one in the same situation.  Come up with the right next move and make it.  Don’t cling on to things that are holding you back.  Sometimes it’s best to just let go.

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