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For What We Gave, Not What We Had


If this was an episode of Jeopardy, the question for this topic would be, “What we want to be remembered for?”  I’ve said it time and time again that happiness is found in giving.  Giving of your attention, your time, your money…of you.  I believe these are three key items we need to give if we want to be remembered.  Let’s look at each one…

Give Of Your Attention

This is the cheapest and easiest thing to give someone.  Simply give them your attention.  When I think of the word “attention,” it reminds me of an old one liner, “He’s so broke, he can’t pay attention.”  Though it makes me laugh, I believe it has some meaning.  Sure, being broke and paying something is difficult, but I believe this can also be interpreted as, “If your character is so broken, you won’t pay people any attention.”  Giving people our attention is the least we can do to show we care and respect them.  When people feel respected and cared for, they will remember you.

All you have to do is give people your undivided attention.  If your wife or child needs to talk to you, stop everything and give them your attention.  No, don’t be on your phone, working on the computer, or doing the dishes.  Give them your undivided attention.  I make it a point to stop working when my family needs my attention.  I hope to be remembered for it.

Give Of Your Time

In order to give as much as we can, we need to give of our time.  Anyone can send money to a good cause by clicking a link or writing a check.  Answer me this.  If you’re working to help feed the homeless, are you more likely to remember the $50.00 check that someone sent in or the person who spent all day preparing the food and serving the people?  Both are important for sure, but when we give of our time, it speaks volumes.  It means we cared enough to show up…to do our best to make a difference.  When you work hand in hand with someone and give them your time, they value you more.

Give Of Your Money

I said it’s easier to give of your money than it is of your time, but your money is still important too.  We all have to give back where and when we can.  There’s a story from the Bible where Jesus was sitting opposite the offering watching people put money in it.  Rich people putting in large amounts.  Then a widow came along and put in a few coins, worth only a few cents.  Jesus called his disciples saying the poor widow has put more into the offering than anyone else.  It was true that the wealthy put more in as far as the amount, but the widow put more in of what she had, as the few coins represented everything she had.  Give what you can where you can.  It makes a difference.

The Takeaway

We want to be remembered when we pass on…no doubt.  But we don’t want to be remembered for having a nice car or a nice house.  We want to be remembered for what we gave and the lives we touched.  We can touch many lives by giving our attention, our time, and our money to all of those in need.  Some things are easier to give than others, but it’s all important.  Always do what you can to give as much of these three things you can…as much of you as you can.  Not only will it help you be remembered, but it will also set an example for all those who follow.

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