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Happiness Is Something We Pursue


I’ve heard people say it so many times…”I’m so happy.”  And this is a great thing.  When we’re happy we feel like we’re on top of the world and our troubles kinda disappear in the background.  Perhaps a better thing to say would be, “I’m so happy…right now.”  We all can agree that happiness is something we experience in the moment.  But as we all know, moments pass.  Nothing just lasts forever.  It takes work.  And happiness is no different.

Happiness Is Temporary

Yes, happiness is something that comes and goes.  You can be overjoyed and happy one minute, only to have it taken away, by a situation you can or can’t control, in the next minute.  I remember how I felt when I got my first paycheck for 40 hours of work.  I was working in a warehouse and got a check for over $300 for one week.  I was ecstatic.  I thought I was rich.  That feeling of happiness comes and goes very quickly.  In order to have happiness, happiness needs to be worked.

Happiness Must Be Worked

Since happiness is fleeting and can come and go on a whim, we need to work to be happy all the time.  We need to change our way of thinking, appreciating the little things in life, and looking for the positive in everything we experience.  Even when we’re sitting quietly, our minds tend to race.  We’re thinking about what we have to do, what didn’t go our way, and what we have to do to change things.  But when was the last time you just sat down and looked at nature?  Look at the trees and pay attention as the wind blows through the leaves.  Watch how the trees dance back and forth.  Get lost in the dance and put your worries on the back burner.  Appreciating these small things in life can make you happier.

And when it comes to bad or negative things that happen in our lives, Jim Rohn had an answer for that.  He said to replace the word “frustrated” with “fascinated.”  Instead of being frustrated when something doesn’t go your way, try to be fascinated by what you missed.  Take it as an opportunity to learn and find joy in that learning.  Look for the positives in life and that’s what you’ll find.

The Takeaway

As great as life can be and the happiness it holds, those times of happiness are short and fleeting.  We experience the highs of happiness when positive things happen in our lives and then watch that happiness fade away as we get back in to the run and maintain that life requires.  This is where we need to work harder.  We need to work harder searching for happiness.  Look for it in the small things in life.  Have you ever noticed how good it feels to wash your hands?  If not, instead of worrying about the 50 things on your ToDo list, pay close attention to washing your hands.  There is joy in it if you look for it, just like there is joy and happiness in life if you look for it.

I challenge you to look to be happy in everything you do.  When you feel stressed or feel like life is beating you up, look for the joy in small things.  Pause and pay attention to what is happening around you.  Happiness is something we can all have, and in as much abundance as we like, if we simply work for it.  Happiness is something we pursue, not something we catch and keep.  It must be worked, but the benefits are substantial.

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