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Are You Making Any Of These Muscle Building Mistakes?


If you are in to fitness, then, in one way or the other, you are in to building muscle.  Perhaps you don’t want to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you do want to get rid of the fat and build some solid muscle.  Maybe you’re really trying, but not seeing the progress you expect.  Could it be that you are making one of these five major muscle building mistakes…

1.  Failing To Mix Up Repetition Ranges

You’ve probably heard that you have to switch things up.  Well, that’s true.  In order to make consistent progress, you HAVE to switch it up.  I try to mix up my workouts and rep ranges every month, with some months lifting heavier weights with less repetitions of  4-6, and then other months of lighter weights with reps from 10-15.  If I go more medium weight, I shoot for 6-10 repetitions every set.

2.  Undervaluing The Value Of Food

Food is incredibly important if you want to build muscle.  Proteins, carbohydrates, and even fats are important to build strong muscles.  Eat the right foods and ensure you are getting enough calories to reach your goals.  You also need to eat enough meals each day.  If you want to build muscle, eat great foods frequently throughout the day and avoid the junk food the 5and2Guy way.

3.  Ignoring the NeuroMuscular Connection

When most people lift weights, they don’t focus on the muscle they’re building.  Be sure to focus on the muscle.  Pay attention to the contraction and the feeling.  Be sure to contract the muscle when you perform the repetition and throughout the entire rep.  For example, when doing bent over rows, be sure to contract and feel the back muscle engaging throughout the entire repetition.  This is a very valuable, yet overlooked part of building muscle.

4.  Using Fancy Machines

Those machines at the gym look awesome.  They’re “designed by science” to focus on the muscles and keep you safe.  It reminds me of a the movie Idiocracy where they used that one drink to hydrate all their crops…because it “has electrolytes.”  Well, don’t use those machines because they “have electolytes.”  Sure, they’re may be some science in there, but there is also marketing and an easier workout in those machines.  If you want to build real muscle, you need to use barbells and dumbbells when you lift.  I like to switch up, focusing on barbells for a month and then dumbbells for a month.  I get to lift heavier weights with the barbells as both arms are working together, and then use dumbbells to hit all the stabilizing muscles that don’t get engaged when using a barbell.  I usually don’t mix barbells and dumbell workouts together, but that’s doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

5.  Not Being Consistent

This has to be the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to building muscle.  Just like typing fast is a result of “time on the keyboard,” building strong muscles is a result of “time in the gym.”  You have to get to the gym on a consistent basis.  I’ve committed to lifting weights 3x a week and have kept that commitment for over 20 years now.  I will often do some cardio a couple days a week, but those workouts are on my off days from lifting weights.  If you want to make any real progress, you have to be committed and consistent!!!

The Takeaway

In my opinion, these are five of the most common mistakes that are affecting your ability to experience solid muscle growth.  These are NOT the only five mistakes people make, but are the most common you need to avoid if you want to be successful with your fitness goals.  If you find yourself not making the progress you’re expecting, review these five mistakes.  If you are not seeing any progress, I guarantee you’re guilty of at least one.  Avoid these mistakes and make the best use of your time in the gym!!!

This post was inspired by Gravity Transformation’s video titled:  10 Muscle Building Mistakes (Killing Gains!).  Check it out:

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