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Here’s What You Really Need


When it comes to being successful, you’ll hear all kinds of answers about what you need.  You’ll be told you have to have connections, money to get started, opportunities, etc…. You’ll even be told you need wisdom or be really, really smart.  Though these things will certainly help, they won’t guarantee success.  Actually, nothing guarantees success, but there are some things that will greatly increase your odds.  And, no, it’s not a list of twenty things.  It’s a short list of three things that we’re all capable of having.

If you want success, here are the only three things you need… 

1.  Desire

You need a burning desire to have what you’re after.  Not the kind of desire that says, “It would be nice if it works out.”  I’m talking about the kind of desire that says, “I have to get this done and nothing is going to stop me.”  The kind of desire that wakes you up in the morning and wants you to get your day started towards your dreams.  You have to want, and I mean really want what you’re after.  The kind of desire that will make you work later and work harder to get it.  The kind of desire that will force you to make sacrifices and keep you focused.  Do you have that burning desire???

2.  Discipline

I grew up thinking discipline was a bad thing.  My parents would discipline me, the teacher and principle at school would discipline me.  Hell, I grew up in times where the next door neighbor would discipline me.  It’s easy to see how discipline can seem like a not so pleasant word.  But I am writing you today to tell you that disciple is one of the main things you need when you’re striving for success.  But this time, you’re the disciplinarian.

You have to discipline yourself to do the things every day that you know will make you successful.  I never thought of myself as an author, nor do I consider myself an author today.  But I wrote a book.  I set a goal to do it and then disciplined myself to get up every Monday-Friday and write 30 minutes each day.  No one made me.  I disciplined myself to do it.  It was quite an accomplishment for me.

You need the type of discipline where you’ll do what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it.  Positive habits are strengthened when you do what you need to do when you don’t feel like doing them.  Who wants to workout on a Friday night after work?  Not many, but if that’s your third workout for the week that you know you need to get done, you’d be much better off to knock it out rather than write it off.  Discipline is one of the secrets behind success!!!

3.  Faith

In order to be successful, you have to identify the things that will make you successful and do them daily.  The problem comes up when people don’t see the results they want in the first week or first month.  This is where faith comes in.  You need to have faith in what you’re doing.  Too many times people are doing the right things but don’t have the faith in themselves or what they’re doing to see it through.  You have to believe that what you’re doing will get you to where you want to be.  Faith will keep you going when everyone and everything is telling you it’s over.  Faith will help you find a way.

Faith is about not giving up and being convinced you’re moving towards the right thing.  Maybe you have to change directions or make some changes along the way, and that’s okay.  Faith helps you do that.  Colonel Sanders didn’t sell his chicken recipe to the first restaurant he talked to.  He had to talk to over a hundred restaurants before KFC said yes.  He had the faith he needed to be successful.  Do you?

The Takeaway

When it comes to success, there isn’t a long list of things you need to have to reach it.  All you need is desire, discipline, and faith.  These three things will help you keep fighting and move you closer to your dreams every day.  They’ll help you keep going when you don’t feel like it.

Don’t be like others, giving up on your dreams because you fail to implement these three things in your life.  Make desire, discipline, and faith a part of your road to success, and nothing can stop you.

While chasing your dreams, times WILL get tough.  I’ve hit and continue to hit walls myself, but my desire, discipline, and faith keeps me going.  When I hit these walls, the below image comes to mind almost every time.

I ask you, which person are you???

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