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It’s A Process, Not A Destination


One of the quotes I have always lived by is, “Learning is a process, not a destination.”  I whole-heartedly believe this.  You never stop learning, or at least you shouldn’t stop learning.  Ceasing to learn is a recipe for falling behind in life.  But I realized that this same quote can be applied to fitness as well.   Being fit is a process, not a destination.  I believe many people fail in their fitness goals because they see being fit as a destination and not a process.  If you can see fitness as a process, then you can understand what it takes to be fit.  Let me explain…

I Haven’t Seen You In Years…You Look Great!

Have you ever come across a friend you haven’t seen in like five years?  Maybe a friend from high school or college?  They were always a bit chubby and overweight, never really in good shape.  But now you see them, and they look great.  You ask them what diet they went on, or what their secret is.  There response is, “There’s no secret.  I did the work.”  They explain that instead of trying to look at health and fitness as a goal, they look at it as a way of life with little goals mixed in.  They didn’t aim to lose 25 lbs.  They aimed to eat the kind of food and do the kind of exercise that should help them be fit, not lose 25 lbs.  In a sense, they attracted the weight loss by doing the healthy things to make it happen.

Success Is Something You Attract

I have heard this a lot when it comes to money.  If you go looking for money, you’ll never find it.  But become a person of value, and money will find you.  Well, the same is true for health and fitness.  You can go out seeking the latest diet pill or diet secret to help you drop a few pounds or get in better shape, but you would be much better off becoming a person who values being healthy and doing the things necessary to be that fit person.  If you want to be more fit and more healthy, attract that great health to you by doing the things that will make you a healthy person.  But don’t just do them to reach a destination.  You have to do them as a part of your lifestyle.  Make them who you are, not just something you do for a short time.  The healthy things are part of your process of life, not something you do for a little while until you reach some end game.

The Takeaway

Here’s the secret to being fit and healthy…”DO THE WORK.”  Make the work a part of your life.  If you want to be fit and healthy you have to engrain in yourself that you don’t reach fitness as a destination, but by repeating a process of healthy eating and healthy living.  You need to make the changes in your life that will help you be the fit person you want to be.  You need to make these changes slowly and make them a part of your life.  They will become how you live.  Once you make these things a part of your lifelong process, you won’t see a destination of losing 25 lbs.  You’ll understand that being fit and healthy is something that you constantly do, not just a place you want to end up.

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