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Why Wait? Why Not Now?


Many people talk about the great and fun things they want to do in life.  They may talk about taking that Caribbean vacation, going on a cruise, or traveling to Europe.  Or perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t like to travel but appreciates more material things like a new iPhone, TV, or car.  Do you say things like, “Once I retire, I am going to go to Italy” or “Maybe I’ll buy myself that new TV for Christmas.”  If you really want something so bad, do you really have to wait?  Maybe make them a reward…

A Reward?

That’s right.  Instead of waiting a life time or a year to do or get what you really want, why not make them a reward for accomplishing something bigger?  For example, let’s say you run your own business but can’t afford that trip to Italy right now.  Why not set a goal that says, “If I can make an extra $20,000 this year in my business, I’ll take that trip to Italy.”  Or if you really want that new iPhone, why not set a goal for the year, promising yourself that you will by that iPhone as a reward for work well done?

Instead of putting off your long term rewards, why not make them short term rewards but attach them to a goal you want to achieve.  If the goal is a big goal, give yourself a bigger reward, like the trip to Italy.  If the goal is a small one, give yourself a small reward.  An example of a small goal/reward may be that if you lose 5lbs this month, you’ll buy yourself that new workout outfit you saw at the store.

Another idea may be to break your goal up into smaller increments with small rewards along the way.  Let’s say you have a goal for the year to lose 25 lbs.  That’s about 2 lbs a month plus a combined 1lb across all the months of the year.  For every month that you lose 2 lbs, give yourself a reward.  The reward could be that exercise outfit, a new piece of equipment, or maybe your favorite dessert.  This would allow you to experience some of that positive reinforcement throughout the entire year rather than waiting for a whole year to experience a reward.

The Takeaway

Instead of waiting for a reward, why not plan for your rewards now?  You don’t have to wait until you retire to take that trip to Italy.  Attach the trip to Italy with reaching a big goal.  Don’t wait to buy yourself that new outfit or wardrobe until the end of the year, set up small monthly goals that will help you reach the big goal, and experience some small rewards along the way.  You don’t have to wait to give yourself something great for a job well done.  You can reward yourself by reaching the milestones you set for yourself.

Remember not to cheat yourself.  You have to be fair.  Don’t set the bar too low on any goal you set.  Remember that setting a goal should make you stretch to reach it.  Rewarding yourself for minimal work will not  help you grow in the long run.  That is cheating yourself.  Set some goals that will make something of you to achieve them.  Then enjoy the rewards of your hard work!!!

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