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Get Out There…Sorta


That’s right….get out there…sorta!  What could I possibly mean here?  Well, it’s Relational Tuesday and it’s time to work on those relationships.  But how can you get out there, especially during a time like now?  We are still being urged to isolate, making it extremely difficult to “get out there.”  What I mean today is that you need to get out there and join some groups.  And just because you can’t/shouldn’t leave your house physically, you can leave your house digitally.  One great way to get out there is to join some social groups via online communities.

Online communities are a great way to extend your social circles.  You can find an online community for just about any interest.  Just pick your interest and add “social group” or “online community” to it in a Google search and you will be well on your way to finding a great group.  Joining an online community, just like joining an actual in-person social group, has many benefits.  Here are a three of the top benefits…

1. Learning

If you want to expand your knowledge about, you need to talk with the people who are living and breathing the topic of interest.  Online communities are a great opportunity to learn from your peers, getting more ideas, and learning from their experiences.

2.  Networking

I have heard it said many times, “You have to have a strong network of people.”  For example, which college or university is best?  I always say that you get out of college what you put into it and I believe this to be true.  But you also pick up connections in college.  And people at Harvard have a bigger network of rich friends than the people at your local community college.  So, your network is important to your opportunities.  Online communities prove a great place to connect with peers and make new friends.  Sharing experiences is a great way to make new connections.

Job Opportunities

That’s right!!!  With online communities comes job opportunities.  You get into one of these communities and show the great work you are doing in that field, opportunities will come your way.  Many people have found the job of their dreams by pursuing their interest in online communities.  Follow your passion and see what doors can be opened for you.

The Takeaway

Even though you are stuck inside and can’t get out there physically into the real world and verbally network, you can get online and digitally network.  Online communities are a great way to learn, network, and find opportunities that could change your life.  Though you are physically asked to stay home, you can still “get out there…sorta” and make some new friends and some new connections.  Being cooped up in the house is a great opportunity to make some changes.  Why not start with an online community?

Heads Up:  Make sure you research the online community you are interested in.  Make sure it is a great community and what you are looking for.  Do your research and find a safe, friendly, and valuable community.

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