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What’s The Hardest Target To Hit?


I was listening to a Zig Ziglar YouTube video the other day when he was talking about an archer named Howard Hill from Alabama.  He goes on to say how great Howard was.  He mentioned how Howard entered 286 archery tournaments and finished first 286 times.  He couldn’t speak enough about Howard’s skill.  He goes on to say that he, Zig Ziglar, is also an archery instructor.  He makes that claim that if you are in good health and have good eyesight, in just 20 minutes, he can help you hit the bullseye more consistent than Howard Hill.  Are you kidding me?

Yes, he was kidding.  He said you could be better than Howard Hill providing that he blindfolds Howard and spins him in circles so he doesn’t know which direction he’s facing.  Now, he admits this is an absurd example, with people asking him how it’s possible to hit a target you can’t even see?  But then Mr. Ziglar asks an even better question, “How can you hit a target you don’t even have?”

What Is He Saying???

Mr. Ziglar asked a great question.  What he is really talking about is the importance of setting goals for yourself.  Targets that you want to aim for, and when reached, can improve your life.  You need to set targets in different areas of your life if you want to be successful.  How can you aim for a target that you don’t even have?  You say you want more money, but have you set any goals to help that happen?  You say you want to be in better shape, but have written down why you want to be in better shape and how much weight you wish to lose?  You say you want to be a better father, mother, husband, wife, or friend, but do you plan for it?

The point to keep in mind here is that you have to set goals/targets in your life and then aim for those targets.  Have you identified the reason you want something?  Have you identified the obstacles that stand in your way of achieving what you want to accomplish?  Have you identified how you know once you have hit your target?  These are all great questions.  If you haven’t asked yourself any of these questions, then you don’t have a goal.  You have a dream.  Dreaming is fun, but having a goal can bring a dream to reality.

The Takeaway

I know Zig Ziglar gave a silly example here, but the wisdom in his words ring true.  It’s true that it’s difficult to hit a target you can’t see, but it’s impossible to hit a target you don’t even have.  Aim for improvement in your life.  That improvement could be with your health, finances, career, or relationships.  We all have areas of our life we can improve upon, but fail to set a target on how to improve it.  If you want to improve different areas of your life, then you have to set goals and targets!!!

If Zig’s words have found your ear, check out my post on setting goals and how goals can change your life: “Goooaaalll!!!” No, I’m Not Talking About Soccer!!!

Good Luck!!!

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