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Give Something Up


I want you to stop and think for a second.  What is one thing that you are doing that, in the short run isn’t hurting you much, but if continued for the long run could really mess you up?  Can you think of anything?  Or maybe the better question is, are you afraid to admit that something you are doing is not good for you but you do it anyway?  Well, maybe this is a time to give something up!!!  Don’t know what you should try giving up, hmmm…let’s think…

How About Giving These Up?

Here are a few things that we can afford to give up.  Well, by saying give up, I don’t necessarily mean forever, though some of these things surely should be stopped forever (ex.  smoking).  I would say that you could at least approach some of these things the 5and2Guy way and get rid of them as an option during the week.  Here are five negative things to consider giving up during the week:

  • sodas
  • junk food
  • happy hour
  • 4 hours of TV a night
  • staying up late

Though it goes without saying, I am going to say it anyway.  If you are smoking or doing any type of drugs, this SHOULD BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY.  Unless you have some sort of medical condition that requires you to take drugs or smoke, then you must stop immediately.  You are destroying your health and need to make a change.

What I Gave Up

I am Catholic and really big in my faith.  During the season of Lent, we are encourage to sacrifice and give up something we love.  Each year, I pretty much give up ice cream during Lent, but this year my middle son challenged me, and himself, to give up sweets and any types of junk food.  Well, I pretty much never really ate much junk food during the week, you know, the 5and2Guy way, but I would indulge myself on the weekends.  But I agreed to the challenge and have given up junk food, especially sweets, during Lent.  When I get the urge for some junk food, I make a healthier choice like veggie straws, pretzels, fruit, or a protein shake.  These seem to get me through the cravings.  It has been about a month since I’ve given up the junk food and I am down about 3 pounds.  I can honestly say that I feel and look healthier too!!!

The Takeaway

We all have something we can afford to stop doing.  Whether that is drinking too many sodas, eating too much junk food, or wasting too much time on the couch watching TV.  All of these have a negative impact on our health.  No, you typically won’t experience the negative impact of these things right away.  That is the nasty side of bad habits.  They don’t bite you right away.  They let you get use to something and then get you in the long run.  Change that now.  Identify at least one thing you can give up that will help you in the long run.  You don’t have to completely give it up, unless it is something like smoking or doing drugs.  But you can give them up the 5and2Guy way and make a big difference in your health.  Pick one thing now and get started!!!

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