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I Was Thinking About You


One common theme I have been sharing lately is about opportunity.  We all have spare time. It just depends how we want to use it. Sure, you can spend that time binge watching a new series on Netflix.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but like I tell my boys, take some part of your day and do something positive.

Why not devote a few minutes of your day to a friend?  Perhaps you have a couple really good friends that you keep in touch with, and that’s great.  But I’m sure there are some other friends you haven’t spoke to in a while who would love to hear from you.  With that in mind, here are three ideas on how to reach out to someone and let them know you were thinking about them…

1.  Share A Memory You Both Have

Think of a time you and your friend were together.  Did something funny happen?  Did something scary happen?  Was it a good time, or a tough time?  Ideally, find a memory where you both can laugh, or one that is very positive.  Send them a text or an email about that memory.  Share how much that experience meant to you.  By simply sharing a memory, it will allow you and your friend to relive it in your minds and remember how it felt to be together.  You can say how much you miss them just by sharing a memory.

2.  Remember An Important Date

We all have dates that are important to us.  An obvious one is our birthday, but there are many more.  You could use an anniversary, the date of a special day you shared together, or even a difficult date like the passing of their parent or significant person in their lives.  Remember this date and put it on your calendar.  When it comes, reach out to them.  Tell them you are thinking about them and wishing them a great day.  Remembering a significant date for a friend shows them you care and can really touch their hearts.

3.  Write A Thank-You Letter Or Card

Writing a letter is great, especially for people who have a problem saying things out loud.  I know some friends and family members that say it better on paper, or in a card, than they do out loud.  Write a letter to a friend thanking them for something they did for you.  Share with them how important it was for them to be there for you.  Or simply send them a funny card making them laugh and thanking them for the years of joy they’ve brought you.  Perhaps a little friendship card or note can sound cheesy, but everyone would love to get one.

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, you can really touch the heart of someone simply by saying, “I was thinking about you today.”  Sharing a memory, remembering an important date, or sending them a letter or card are three easy ways to say that.  It only takes a few minutes to touch someone’s heart from a distance, so why take a few minutes and show someone you care and miss them?  Such a small investment of time for a big payout.  You never know how much you can touch someone’s heart by simply thinking of them and letting them know it.

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