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What An Opportunity!!!


What a different time we are in now.  If you would have asked me if I ever thought we would be isolated to our homes the way we are today, I would have thought you were crazy.  Now that we are pretty much stuck in our homes, with our families, for some, it could be enough to drive you crazy.  I joke, but it is true that it can be tough to be stuck inside with family, isolated from society, trying to go about our lives.  Though this may be tough, what an opportunity we have  before us.  A chance to reconnect and become a closer family.  With that in mind, here are three things you can do to strengthen your family ties while you are stuck inside…

Have Dinner Together

I have said this before and I am saying this again.  Take time to eat dinner together as a family.  Though it has been tough for everyone to stay inside, my family and I are managing to have dinner together at least four times a week now.  It is great.  Sometimes we will eat at the table and discuss whatever topic comes up.  Other times, we will all sit in the den and watch a TV show together.  We like to watch Survivor or Chopped.  We pick our favorite people and root for them to do well.  What a great opportunity to spend time together and grow closer to each other.  Last week, on Survivor, a total blind side happened that we all really wanted.  Our den erupted when it happened.  What a great experience.

Check out my post on having dinner together as a family here, to see some benefits of this time together.

Have A Game Night

While you are stuck inside together, why not start a family game night.  Pick one night a week and get the board games out.  Games like Sorry, Monopoly, and Pictionary are all great games to play as a family.  You could even break out a deck of cards and have some fun.  The importance of these game nights will help you and your family spend some quality time together, away from the screens (TV, Phone, and iPads) that have taken over too many lives.  Games will help you have fun and laugh together as a family.  They will help your children experience wins and losses.  You can help them be humble in their wins and to learn from their losses.  What an opportunity we have!!!

Be There For Each Other

While we are all stuck inside, we all will have difference experiences.  For me, as a work-from-home kind of guy, I never left the house that much anyway.  I am inside most days anyway.  But for others, being stuck inside is a big change.  If you are like me, and being stuck inside is not a huge change, don’t forget that it is not as easy for others.  For some, this is a huge change and they will experience a tough time.  When they struggle, and they will, support them.  Show them you understand.  Help them to grow from the experience.  Share with them the opportunity they have to make some positive changes in their life.  How this is a great time to work on themselves and be ready for when society starts back up again and they are back in the real world.  This is great time to be there for someone you love.  When they are down, pick them up.  They will remember how you were there for them.

The Takeaway

We are in some difficult times right now as a society.  And being stuck inside can be enough for some to go stir crazy.  But this difficult time can be seen as an excellent opportunity.  You can use this time to spend more time together.  How many times are your teenage kids stuck in the house?  Sounds like an opportunity to me.  Take the opportunity to grow closer as a family.  Have dinner together, have a game night, and just be there for each other.  Three easy things to do if you simply take the time to do them.  Being stuck inside is not ideal, but it doesn’t have to be all bad.  Take the opportunity to grow closer as a family.  Like I said, what an opportunity!!!

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