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Let’s Not Share A Corona. Virus…That Is!


Right now, it is a pretty difficult time.  With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) going around, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty and frustration.  And rightfully so.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  Depending on your frame of mind, you are either very concerned about not knowing what will happen or you are frustrated that everything is shutting down and society, as we know it, has been put on hold.  Before we say which frame of mind is best, let’s look at them…

The Concerned and Not Knowing Camp

Many people are very concerned and scared about the uncertainty of this pandemic.  They watch the news all the time and are trying to learn as much as they can so they can be prepared.  They also believe the best way to shut this virus down is to shut down society for a bit and isolate.  They are concerned about the people they love and don’t want to risk getting sick or any of their loved ones getting sick.  They don’t like everything shutting down, but see it as the best way to get control of what is going on.

The Frustrated and “Over-It” Camp

The people in this camp are “over-it.”  They believe the media is hyping this more than they should.  They can’t believe everything is shutting down and are frustrated by the inconvenience this virus is causing.  Perhaps they are concerned that they cannot make money right now or the effect it will have on the economy.  They may even be frustrated about having to isolate and stay in as is being recommended.  They just want life to be normal and can’t believe everyone is making this “such a big deal.”

Why Not Try The Compassionate Camp?

I try to stay in the Compassionate Camp.  I try to understand everyone who is a bit scared and want to be cautious.  Who am I to say they are wrong?  People have watched shows like The Last Man On Earth and are afraid of what could possibly happen?  I also try to understand people who are frustrated and can’t believe things are shutting down.  I know…it sucks.  Not being able to do what you want, when you want is one of our freedoms.  And if everything is shutting down, we can’t live our life as normal.  And when we can’t be normal, it is frustrating.  It’s get us out of our comfort zone.  I can appreciate why this is frustrating.

The Takeaway

Though there is uncertainty and frustration, I am committed to doing my part and making whatever sacrifice my God and my country need me to make.  Sure, it sucks I have to miss church, avoid the masses of people, and kind of isolate for a bit.  But, that is what is recommended by people a lot smarter than me, having more knowledge of the virus, and working hard every day to stop it.  If the only part I can play in this is to isolate a bit, and avoid getting sick, then I am gonna do my part.

No, I don’t like it, but for every person that does isolate and avoids getting sick, it is a big help.  Whether that be in not needing medicine or going to the doctor, or simply avoiding spreading it to someone else.  The demographic I am in implies the virus would be less likely to be fatal to me, but what if I get sick and spread it to someone at a higher risk.  I don’t want to take that chance.   As a member of society, I WILL do my part.  I don’t like things shutting down, but I understand and support it because it can help slow the spread of this virus.  I see it as doing my part, as best I can.  It puts me out of my comfort zone, but I have the shoulders for it.  I encourage you to put your shoulder back and help society carry the load this virus is causing.  Join the Compassionate Camp and see it the same way.  We owe it to each other.

God bless!!!

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