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The One Super Exercise You Should Be Doing


There is one exercise out there that can be done with no weights, can be done by anyone, anywhere, and can give you tons of benefits.  I call it a Super Exercise because of its many benefits and simplicity to do.  I will often do a set of this exercise first thing in the morning for a nice wake up exercise.  You can’t go wrong with these.  Have you guessed what this Super Exercise is yet?  That’s right…SQUATS!!!

Let’s look at the many benefits squats provide your body…

1.  Helps Build Stronger Joints

When done the right way, squats will engage your hip, knee, and ankle joints…all at the same time.  For a long time, it was thought that squats contributed to joint deterioration.  But latest studies show that this simply isn’t true and that squats can be one of the best exercises for healthier, stronger joints.

2.  Helps You Build Stronger Muscles

But you knew this already.  Squats hit multiple muscle groups including:  abs, quads, lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.  Wow, that’s a lot of muscles engaged with one exercise.  You starting to see the value in squats yet?

3.  Helps You Lose Weight

Though this is true, there are many factors including how hard you work out, your current weight, and how long you work out.  Of course, the more intense you work out and the longer, the more calories will be burned and the more weight lost.  This makes squats a great exercise to do when trying to lose weight.

4.  Improves Heart Health

All these squats can really put your ticker through a workout.  And any muscle you work will get stronger.  Increase the intensity of your workout to really work the old heart muscle.  Squats can help lower your blood pressure, lower your bad cholesterol, and your overall heart rate.

5.  Builds A Stronger Core

A strong core can help you in a multitude of ways, and not just with working out.  Lots of every day tasks you do, including simple posture and balance, can be improved by having a stronger core.  Squats are great for core strength!!!

The Takeaway

Squats are one of the best exercises you could ever do and can be done just about anywhere.  I only listed what I believe to be the top 5 benefits of squats, but there are many more as well.  Squats can be tough to do, but the pain is worth the gain.  I didn’t even mention how much it could help with flexibility.  And for anyone over the age of 40, you can appreciate how hard we need to work to remain flexible and nimble.

Be sure to make squats a part of your regular workout.  You could do a set of squats first thing in the morning to help you wake up and also add them to your workout routine.  Weighted squats are even better, though you have to be careful and be sure to use great form.  Otherwise, injuries are likely.  Increase the intensity of the squat by performing squat jumps.  Simply do a squat and jump out of it like a rocket.  This can give you a great burn and get you breathing heavy!!!

If you have never done squats, start out slow.  Just do like 20 at a time, 3x a day.  Increase to reps of 30 – 100.  Seem like too much?  You can do it.  My wife was once involved in a Squat Challenge with her gym that had her doing more than 400 squats a day.  She kicked butt and so can you!!!

*** This video was inspired by the Bestie’s video below.  Watch this great video to get even more details and information on the value of squats:

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