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Not Happy? Try these out… (Part 3)


Continuing from last week, on twenty things you can do to add some happiness to your life, here are the next five.  Sprinkle a few of these into your life if you want to a bit more happiness…

11.  Don’t Play Silly Games

I’m not saying you shouldn’t play fun games.  I’m saying to stay away from those sneaky, untrustworthy tricks and games people play on each other.  Things like setting a friend up to see if they will lie to you, or testing a loved one.  These are silly games that people who are happy generally avoid.

12.  Be Compassionate

People who are happy are very compassionate.  They try to understand other people and what they are experiencing.  When someone does something they don’t like, they try to understand the situation and place themselves in that person’s shoes, instead of getting mad and causing more problems.  You have to have compassion if you want to be happy.

13.  Happily Give And Receive

A happy person will happily give you money and receive any gift you give.  Ever seen a son ask his father for money and the father throw the money at him and yell.  You see, that’s not happiness.  That’s a father with money, but no joy.  Happy people understand that giving starts the receiving process and that we are constantly giving and receiving.  We need to do it joyfully.

14.  Don’t Play The Martyr Or Victim

Happy people don’t play the victim.  It’s never “poor, poor, pitiful me” with a happy person.  They tend to own their own fate and do the best with what life hands them.  Bad things happen to good people all the time.  We all go through things.  But it is not about what happens.  It’s about what you do when things happen.  Happy people do their best to be positive and see the upside of everything.  This can be challenging at times, but a discipline that is necessary nonetheless.

15.  Always Be Grateful

A happy person is always grateful for what they have.  The gift of another day, the sun on their faces, or the joy in their heart.  Happy people practice gratitude and being grateful for the small things in life.  The things that most people will gloss over and not pay any attention to.  If you practice gratitude everyday, and are truly thankful for everything you have in life, you will be happy!!!

The Takeaway

These five items are really talking about a mindset and how things are perceived.  Playing silly games is a more physical thing, but it is about being in a mindset where you see there is no value to this.  If you want to be happy, you have to work at being happy.  These are five great things to sprinkle into your day and make a part of your everyday life.  Happiness can take a lot of work up-front and these five things can help you get there.

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