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Not Happy? Try these out… (Part 2)


Continuing from last week, on twenty things you can do to add some happiness to your life, here are the next five.  Sprinkle a few of these into your life if you want to a bit more happiness…

6.  Don’t Sweat Small Annoyances

A happy person doesn’t let the little things bother them.  So what if there is a little scratch in the car.  So what if your son or daughter didn’t clean up after themselves.  So what if you got a wedge of lemon when you specifically asked for no lemon (well, unless you are allergic).  The point here is to not sweat the small stuff.  You won’t find happiness if you treat every small annoyance as a big deal.

7.  Don’t Worry About Yesterday Or Tomorrow

Sure, it is important to reflect on what happened yesterday.  And it is definitely good to plan for tomorrow.  But if you find yourself regretful of yesterday or sweating what will happen tomorrow, it will be hard to find happiness today.  Accept yesterday as it was and learn from it.  Plan for tomorrow to make it an even better day.  But in both cases, don’t let them hang over your head and cause a feeling of dread.  Make the most of today…the most of right now.

8.  Take Care Of Yourself

Make sure you are doing the right things to take care of yourself.  This includes taking care of your body with exercise and cleanliness, eating the right foods, and making good use of your time.  If today should be a day of rest, then rest.  If today is a day of work, then make the most of work.  Taking care of yourself is about doing exactly the right thing, at exactly the right time, giving yourself what you need physically or mentally to be happy.

9.  Smile And Laugh Regularly

Make smiling your primary expression.  Be excited to see people and give them a big ole smile.  A smile can go a long way.  Then when opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to laugh.  Watch a funny movie, play a game with friends, laugh over the old times you shared.  Smiling and laughing can make you happier when you are feeling a little down.  Smile and laugh regularly…it’s important!!!

10.  Go With The Flow

This can be a tough one, especially when you have certain expectations for things to go a certain way.  Ever been out with friends and expect the night to go one way, but it takes a completely different turn?  Well, it’s time to go with the flow.  Sure, it may not have been what you wanted, but learning to go with the flow can make you a much happier person.  I try my best to live this way and not really have any expectations.  This way, as things happen and change, I don’t get disappointed, I just go with it.  I am happier because of it and you can be too!!!

The Takeaway

As promised, this post gave you five more things you can do and work on to be a happier person.  Sure, you can read this post, then forget about it, and go about your day.  But I wouldn’t. I suggest you write these five things down on a little sticky note and try them out for a week.  Refer to it multiple times a day.  Read it before your day starts and before you go to bed.  Do your best to incorporate these five suggestions for a happier life and see the change it can make…not only in this week…but also in your life.

Next week we will continue with the Part 3 of this series of twenty things to be a happier person!!!

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