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Time: What’s the value…


Time is the one thing we all have and we don’t have.  How many times have you heard someone say, “I didn’t have time” or “I lost track of time.”  Time tends to get away from people because most people don’t value their time.  Too much of it is wasted on things that don’t matter and too little of it is invested in what does.

But how valuable is time?  Let’s see…

What’s the value of a year?

Can a year be valuable?  Ask a student who just failed a grade.  Ask a person who just spent the last year in prison.  Ask a soldier who hasn’t been home in a year.  A lot can happen in a year.  What are your plans for this year?  Where will you be a year from now?  Are you planning for a good year, or letting time pass by with no plan?  A year is surely valuable!!!

What’s the value of a month?

What about one month?  Is that valuable?  Ask the mother who just gave birth to a premature baby.  Ask the person who just lost their job because they accomplished nothing in a month.  Ask the business man or woman who spent the majority of the month traveling and away from family.  So much can be missed in a month’s time and yet it flies by.  Are you making the most of your months?

What’s the value of one week?

Ask the person who didn’t deliver the project on Friday as expected.  Ask the editor of a weekly newspaper who missed the deadline.  Ask the person who just missed the family vacation because work was “more important.”  Most people tend to live their lives week to week.  Are you doing the things you should be doing with your weeks?

What’s the value of an hour?

Ask the person who missed the big surprise of the birthday party.  Ask the person who just missed the train.  Ask the person who was running late, speeding to their destination, and had an accident.  An hour of your time is incredibly valuable.

What’s the value of one second?

Ask the person who could have avoided a big argument, if they just paused a second before they snapped.  Ask the person who barely avoided an accident and are happy to be alive.  Ask the basketball player who just scored the winning points with a buzzer beater.  One second is the smallest amount of time that most people consider.  Can you see how it is important?

The Takeaway

The point I am trying to get across here is that time is valuable and should NOT be wasted.  You can use time to save a friendship, build a career, or recharge your batteries.  Your time must have a purpose.  I don’t mean you have to schedule every hour of every day, but I do suggest you have a plan for your time and don’t just squander it away on whatever life throws at you.  Plan your time in chunks and value the chunks of time you have.  It is the best way to ensure getting the most out of your time.

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