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“Friends…How Many Of Us Have Them?”


This is not just a song from Whodini!!!  This is a post about having friends and being a true friend.  I did some quick research on what a friend really is so I could try to figure out how to be a better one.  I went back to the basics and found these five characteristics of friends, seeing where I could improve…

1.  Friends Spend Time & Have Fun Together

This is the most basic characteristic and yet one of the toughest.  When it comes to life, we tend to get caught up in it and let time fly by without seeing our friends.  Good friends spend time together, even when life gets busy.  You will not have time for a friend unless you take time.  Take time today.

2.  Sharing Ideas With Each Other

True friends can talk to each other.  They are not afraid or embarrassed by their ideas or interests and can freely share what they are thinking with a friend.  When you can truly tell someone anything, you have a great friend there.

3.  Respect Your Differences

True friends respect how each other is different.  This means you don’t put down or talk about a true friend in a negative way.  You respect that you won’t see everything the same way and one is not better than the other.  Respect their opinion and how they may do things differently or think differently than you.

4.  Stick Up For One Another

A true friend will always be there, no matter what time of day.  If you need them, they are there.  They will have your back and you will have theirs.  If someone talks badly about them or puts them down, you will defend your friend and value them.

5.  It’s A Two-Way Street

Friendship is a two-way street, with both people working on the friendship and putting energy into it.  A sure way to see a friendship die is for one person constantly giving and the other just receiving.  True friends do their best to put energy and time into the relationship.  If you are not actively contributing to the friendship, it will go stale.

The Takeaway

We all have those life-long friends.  The ones we can see two years later and pick up right where we left off.  But if you want a continuous, strong friendship,  you have to do these five things.  You need to ensure you are working on your friendship and staying in touch.  We live in a world where people are here one minute and gone the next.  Find your true friends and take time for them.

I purposely schedule lunch with one of my friends, at least once every two weeks.  I like to get in touch, catch up, and invest time into the friendship.  I love catching up and letting them know I care, even though this busy world keeps us apart most of the time.  Make it a point to plan time with a good friend regularly and invest in the friendship.  You don’t want to wait until it is too late!!!

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