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Here’s Your Sign!!!


Often times, when something is not quite right with our health, our bodies will give us some signs.  These signs might not be obvious, but are clearly seen in retrospect.  I don’t want to cause a major scare, especially if you show some of these signs.  Nor am I a doctor.  I wanted to share with you some signs I found, when doing some research, that I believe everyone should keep an eye out for.  Read over each of these, and if any really stand out to you, don’t panic, but maybe you want to talk to your doctor…

1.  Skin Has A Yellow Tinge

This yellow tinge can mean a small health problem or a really big one.  Conditions here are generally associated with your liver.  Just because you may feel fine doesn’t mean all is well.  If you see a yellow tinge to your skin, make an appointment and talk to your doctor.

2.  Itchy, Dry Feet

If your feet are overly dry, cracked, or showing some uncomfortable skin irritation, it is possible you are getting Athlete’s Foot.  Since feet are especially susceptible to fungus, when you have dry skin on your feet, you need some ointment.  It is the oil glands that help fight off these fungi.  If you have overly dry feet or skin conditions on your feet, go to the local pharmacy and pick up some foot treatment.

3.  Discoloration Under Fingernails

Check your fingernails.  If you can see some small hemorrhages under your nails, it could indicate a heart valve problem.  You know how your fingernails are suppose to look.  If they don’t look right, get them checked.  Don’t be alarmed if you smashed your finger and there is blood under the nail.  I am talking about anything that doesn’t look right and you have no memory of an injury.  Especially if the issue doesn’t go away.

4.  Bloodshot Eyes

Many people have experienced the blood shot eyes of a hangover or if you have been smoking something you shouldn’t be smoking.  Though these are not ideal, this isn’t the concern.  I am referring to bloodshot eyes that don’t seem to ever clear up.  It could be an indicator of an underlying issue.  It is true that this can simply be a popped blood vessel.  You will be able to see fine and it should clear up in a couple weeks.  But if you have bloodshot eyes constantly and it doesn’t go away, then have them checked…especially if your vision is impaired.

5.  Pale Skin

Pale skin can be an indicator of poor nutrition or other medical health issues.  It is possible you have anemia or simply need better nutrition.  In any event, talk to your doctor and get checked out.  Either of these conditions, left unchecked, can have a drastic impact on your health.

6.  Moles

Many, many people have moles, but most do NOT have their skin checked by a dermatologist regularly.  Proactively having your skin checked is a good idea.  But if this is not your style, you need to make sure you are checking yourself or having a family member check you regularly.  Having a mole is not really the problem.  Having a mole that is changing color and size…well, that needs to be checked.

7.  Your Waist Is Pretty Big

Having a waist that is bigger than your hips will make you prone for heart disease.  Additionally, this could be a sign of Type 2 Diabetes.  True, people can have this problem all their lives.  If your waist is bigger than your hips, then talk to your doctor.  Talk about the risks and what you can do to combat this.  Most of the time, simple changes in diet and exercise routine is all you need.

The Takeaway

In my opinion, these are seven visual signs that something may be going on with your health, and not in a good way.  If you see any of these visual signs, don’t freak out, but do schedule an appointment with your doctor.  This list is not all inclusive, but in my opinion, is some of the most common and easiest to see.  Pay attention to your body and how it changes.  You want to know when something doesn’t seem right.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

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