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Not Happy? Try these out… (Part 1)


 Are you going through life unhappy?  In the morning, do you just want to sleep as long as you can?  Are you bored with life and can’t wait to get back to bed and relax each night?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are letting yourself down.  You deserve better and I challenge you to strive for better.  Being happy isn’t some big problem that hasn’t been solved.  There are some pretty easy and obvious ways to put a little more happiness into your life.

Through my research and experience, I have found twenty things you can do to be happier.  By putting any of these things in your life, you will begin to experience more happiness.  Here are the first five…

1.  Have Few Expectations, No Entitlement

Don’t go through life with expectations.  Even if you bust your butt, it doesn’t mean things are going to work a certain way.  When you have expectations and things don’t meet those expectations, you tend to be unhappy.  Instead, go through life without expectations.  You aren’t entitled to anything.  Be grateful when things work out, but don’t expect them to.  Just do the right things and good things will come.  Enjoy the process of what you are doing, but don’t expect a specific outcome.

2.  Don’t Be Spiteful Or Insulting

People WILL do you wrong.  You WILL be slighted.  Don’t be spiteful when this happens.  Don’t look to do a wrong by insulting the person who has done wrong.  This won’t bring you happiness.  There is a Bible verse that says, “turn the other cheek.”  Let things go, don’t be spiteful.  Be happy instead.

3.  Don’t Hold Grudges

Has someone ever done you wrong?  I bet they have.  When you see them again, do you see what they did to you before you even see who they are today?  If so, you are holding a grudge.  And a grudge is a sure way to being miserable.  If you want to find true happiness, you need to forgive.  Don’t let the past control your mind.  Forgive the person of the wrong they have done.  I’m not saying you have to be best friends.  I’m just saying that simply seeing a person should not bring you anger or discomfort.  If it does, you are holding a grudge.  Be happier and LET IT GO!!!

4.  Be Willing To Learn New Things

You need to have an open mind.  You don’t know everything.  Too many times people get upset because they want things done their way and are not willing or open to learn new ways to do things.  If you want to be happier, have an open mind.  Seek to learn new and better ways of doing things.  The thrill of learning something new and the positive outcome you can experience from what you learned is sure to bring you happiness.

5.  Show Humility And Patience

This is a tough one.  You have to be able to show humility.  You have to be willing to be wrong.  You have to be willing to admit when you have done wrong.  You need to be patient when you think you know a better way.  You need to offer what you know with all humility.  Simply put, humility is the admission that you are not perfect, that you don’t know everything, and you make mistakes.  If you can do these three things, happiness will be knocking down your door.  Along with humility is the ability to be patient when things aren’t going the way you wish.  Combining humility and patience is a sure way to find serenity.

The Takeaway

Being happy isn’t something that you are, it is something that you do.  And if you do the right things, happiness is yours.  Don’t go about life, being lazy.  Don’t wait for life to make things happen for you and make you happy.  You have to be proactive.  You have to do the right things in life to be happy.  This post discussed five things that can get you started.   Try to weave one or two of these things into your life this week and plan to practice them daily.  Start with one at a time and build a life of happiness.

Over the next few weeks, we will discuss five each week until we have discussed all twenty.  Make sure to check in each Happy Thursday and add these things to your toolkit for happiness.

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