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90 Seconds That Can Change Your Life


Unless you are one of those fitness people who are completely shredded and have like no body fat, you should pay attention.  What if I told you that you could improve your health with just 90 seconds a day?  Would you believe me?  Whether you believe me or not, it is true, and it is up to you to prove it to yourself.  If you can spare 90 seconds a day, I assure you that you can improve your health and show improvement in any fitness area you want to make progress towards.  But enough chatter, let’s get to the challenge…

The 90 Second Challenge

This is very simple.  I want you to pick one thing you want to improve when it comes to your physical condition.  Depending on where you are, fitness wise that is, will determine what you choose.  For example, if you do not exercise at all and are overweight, then you may want to pick something easy like running in place, high knees, squats, or heal to butt kicks.  If you work out regularly or are in pretty decent shape, you can choose something like push ups, squat jumps, or burpees.

Once you have your exercise, your challenge is to perform that exercise 3x a day for 30 seconds, or until failure.  An easy way to do this is to perform the exercise as soon as you wake up (bonus:  this will help wake you up), right before lunch, and before dinner.  Pretty easy huh?  Not too challenging, or is it?

It’s Easy To Do, But It’s Also Easy Not To Do

This is a pretty simple challenge, that can give you some great benefits, but not everyone will do it.  Though this is easy to do, it is also easy not to do.  And the path you take says a lot about what you will accomplish in life.  If you are the kind of person who doesn’t believe in little things adding up, then this won’t work for you.  You won’t have the discipline to see it through.  But if you are someone who knows you eat the elephant one bite at a time, you will experience some awesome benefits.

Some Awesome Benefits

With these 90 seconds a day, you can experience some pretty awesome benefits.  First of all, you will improve your health.  If you do 1 exercise, 3x a day for 30 seconds (or until failure), you will become stronger, healthier, and disciplined.  This one simple practice will not only help you physically, but will also give you the confidence and swagger to challenge yourself more.  After doing this for a week or two, you may say, “I can do one set of this exercise before I go to bed.”  Or you may even raise the bar and challenge yourself to perform the exercise every hour of your work day.  One of the biggest benefits is the mindset change that happens when you can discipline yourself to consistent, regular action every day.  These form positive, Keystone Habits, that have a ripple effect across many areas of your life.

The Takeaway

With 90 seconds a day, you can drastically change your life.  If you can discipline yourself to perform one exercise to failure, 3x a day (approx. 90 seconds), you can unlock so many benefits that could move your life in a different direction and possibly even save your life.  If you don’t exercise at all today, I strongly encourage you to take this challenge.  You can’t tell me that a little exercise wouldn’t help.  You can’t tell me that you can’t spare 90 seconds a day.  I know you can and want you to have the best, longest life possible.  Start today and approach these 90 seconds the 5and2Guy way.  I promise that if you can discipline yourself to do this, it can have a drastic impact on your life.  Good luck!!!

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