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Are You Here…Now?


Has anyone ever asked you, “Where are you right now?”  As you are thinking, “I am right here,” you know that is not what they meant.  Are you one of those people who do things out of repetition or do things as quickly as you can just to get them done?  Or are you someone who feels like you have to knock out this busy work so you can get to the good stuff and have fun?  If you are, then I’ve got great news for you.  You have a great opportunity to find more happiness in your life.   The simple answer is to be here…now.  What do I mean by that?  Let’s see…

How Can You Be Here…Now?

Being here now is all about slowing your mind down and paying attention to what you are doing at this very moment.  If you are brushing your teeth, then think about brushing your teeth.  If you are eating breakfast, then think about the breakfast you are eating.  During these times, you are most likely thinking about your day or the next thing you have to do rather than thinking about what you are doing right now.  And I get it.  Do you really need to be thinking about something as mindless as brushing your teeth?  Probably not, but if you make it a point to think about brushing your teeth while you are brushing them, you will find a bit of joy in what you are doing.  And guess what else that does?

It Helps You Not Stress Over What’s To Come, Or What Has Passed

By being more mindful and paying attention to what you are doing right now, like brushing your teeth, you can remove the stress of the day ahead of you or behind you.  When you are brushing your teeth, do you really have a problem at that moment?  Well, maybe if you have a cavity or a toothache, you have a problem, but if that is not the case, let the experience and simplicity of brushing your teeth be your escape from life.  Find joy in what you are doing at that moment and don’t worry about what’s to be or stress over what has passed.  When you do this, something else magical happens…

You Do The Things You Are Currently Doing…Better!!!

When you are taking the time to focus on what you are doing, you will actually do them better.  There will be no more autopilot.  You will take the time and put your mind into the one thing you are doing right now.  And when you can focus on one thing, you can do that one thing very well.  Not to mention the joy you can find in knowing you are doing your best.  When you can focus more on what you are doing, than on the outcome of what it will give you, true happiness can be found.

The Takeaway

The thing to remember is to not let what you have to do in the future, or an obsession of what has happened in the past, impact what you are doing now.  If you are doing something, be there doing it.  Don’t let your mind go in a million directions.  Focus on one thing and do it well.  That is how you can find true happiness.  When you brush your teeth, think about brushing your teeth.  When you are eating, focus on the eating.  Make it a point to do what you are doing and know you are doing it.  Find the joy in the little things you do every day and don’t let the past or future steal your joy.

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