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Three Christmas Gifts For Fitness


There are tons and tons of gifts that you can purchase for someone when it comes to fitness.  I mean, the options are pretty much endless.  With little thought, you can provide a pretty decent gift.  But with lots of thought, you can provide a life changing gift.  Here are a few gifts that I think are life changing…

Gym Membership

Give them a gym membership or pay their gym membership for the year.  This shows the person that you care about their health enough to invest in it with them.  They need to invest the time, you invest the dollars.  If they don’t exercise regularly now and may need some extra motivation, you could step the gift up and get a gym membership with them.  Plan to go to the gym together on regular days at regular times.  It will help them commit to a life of exercise and can drastically alter their lives and extend their life time.

If you are not sure where to get the gym membership, you can kinda bring it up in casual conversation to see if they have any thoughts on gym memberships or canvas the area near their homes to find a convenient gym.  Convenience can be a key factor with how well the gift lands and how much it inspires.

Beginner Workout Set

Perhaps you know this person prefers to work out at home or are the kind of person who would never go to a gym.  In this case, buy them a beginner work out set.  This can be nothing more than a simple yoga mat and a couple sets of lightweight dumbbells.  You could even purchase an online workout routine for them where they can log in, stream some content, and follow along.  The value  here is that you are providing them with the tools that can be utilized to begin their fitness adventure.     

Here is a great beginner set of dumbbells that can help get the person you care about started:

Fitness Band or Activity Watch

A fitness band or activity watch may be just what the special person in your life may need to either get their fitness adventure started or take their current fitness adventure to the next level.  These bands can track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and some even have a GPS to accurately track distance and location.  Some popular brands include Fitbit and Garmin.  If you want to step your game up here, you could purchase your significant other an Apple Watch.  I use my Apple Watch to track my fitness and keep me on track to close my rings each day.  It also provides some pre-canned types of activities to make things easier.  I like to use the heart rate monitor to see how hard I am pushing myself and to gauge when I should start my next round of exercises.

Here is a link to a great Apple Watch to get them started:


There are tons of options when it comes to buying Christmas gifts around fitness.  The three gifts identified in this post are the ones I believe could be highly motivating, but there are also other gifts that can supplement these gifts.  Perhaps you buy them some workout clothes or a planned healthy diet from a popular fitness site.  Or nothing like a new pair of exercise shoes to get people in the mood to get started.  All of these gifts can have a huge impact and have the potential to be life changing. 

Good luck with finding that perfect gift for the person special in your life.

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