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Three Christmas Gifts For Happiness


You may be thinking, just about any gifts can bring happiness, and for some that may be true.  But the gifts I want to talk about today are the kind of gifts that give happiness all year long.  Or as Eddie said to Clark in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.”  Here are three gifts that you can give to someone that can bring them joy and happiness through the whole year.

1. Plants

That’s right.  Give someone a plant.  Giving someone a plant will help them connect with nature and can even add some beauty and purpose to their day.  There is something cathartic about gardening and caring for plants that just brings joy to people’s lives.  Giving someone the responsibility to care for a plant, to feed and water it daily, provides them some responsibility that people love to take on.  A plant is healthy…it grows…it inspires.  You could go even further and just give people the seeds and let them help bring the plant to life.  They get to watch the plant grow from it’s humble beginnings!!!  

2. Spiritual Jewelry

When it comes to spiritual jewelry, it is more of a reminder to people.  Spiritual jewelry is used to help someone remember their faith in something…whatever that may be.  You could purchase a necklace with a cross or small Buddha on it.  Actually, any type of jewelry that can help people remember their faith is a great present.  So earrings, bracelets, rings, or necklaces all work well.  Last Christmas, my wife bought me a silver bracelet with a cross on it that I wear to church every Sunday.  I love looking at it and remembering my faith.  What a great gift!!!

3. Message Of The Day Calendars

Ah…message of the day.  Those little reminders of how or what we should be doing to reach a certain goal in life.  There are messages of the day for happiness, family unity, self-improvement, finances, etc…. You can find them for anything.  Look to buy a daily calendar that has a positive message of the day on it or a theme that adds joy and happiness to the person’s life.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a calendar either.  It can be a small book with a page for each day of the year.  My wife bought me a small book titled, Think on These Things:  Wisdom For Life From Proverbs.  I read it every day.  It has a nice cover, fits nicely in my drawer, and gives me a great positive message to read every day.  These are great gifts that keep giving all year long.


There are many things that can add to happiness in people lives.  The gifts identified here can be used and seen all year long.  They provide a lasting impression that can be experienced day in and day out.  Whether it be a plant they need to love daily, a bracelet that reminds them of their faith, or a calendar with the message of the day…each are sure to add joy and happiness to their lives if you take the time to understand where they find joy and happiness.  Give these gifts a shot and see how they have an impact all year long!!!

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