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Make The Decision!!!


How many times have you said to yourself, “I have to lose some weight”?  Or how about, “I need to get into better shape”?  Or maybe the common, “I will start exercising in the New Year”?  You know what you need to do but just haven’t made the decision to do it.  You know you need to improve your health, but justify not working on it now because you have “too much going on.”  A decision needs to be made and the sooner the better.  Unfortunately, too many people are stuck on Someday Isle.

Someday Isle

I have mentioned Someday Isle before.  Someday Isle is the mystical vacation island that Brian Tracy says people get marooned on with no definite return back.  Still not sure what Someday Isle is?  Here is what people say on Someday Isle.  They say, “Someday I’ll start to eat healthier”, “Someday I’ll get that membership at the gym”, or “Someday I’ll get in shape.”  People get stuck on Someday Isle with no plane ticket or idea of when they are going to come back.

Everyone Loves Vacation

And who doesn’t love to be on vacation?  Personally, I love to go on vacation and leave my responsibilities at home.  I like to take the break from everyday life and live a bit more carefree.  When I leave for vacation, I leave the 5and2Guy healthy habits behind and have a week away from my routine.  I like to shock the body with a taste of the bad, which I kinda enjoy for a few days, just so it knows how well I treat it when I am not on vacation.  Although I love vacation, I would not want to stay on vacation all the time.  It’s dangerous to be stuck in vacation mode.  If you get stuck on Someday Isle and in vacation mode, your vacations plans may drastically come to an end.

A Forced Change

Sooner or later, Mother Nature catches up.  The compound effect of poor diet choices, lack of exercise, and poor healthy choices WILL find you.  Instead of saying “Someday I’ll”, you are now saying, “Now I HAVE to…”.  And let’s be clear, if you have made years of bad choices, get a wake up call with a health scare like a heart attack, and you still have the opportunity to say, “Now I HAVE to…”, then you are very lucky.  You can proactively make the change to improve your health or you can force Mother Nature’s hand and she is tough.  Why risk that?  Why risk a forced change or worse, when all it takes is a few simple disciplines practiced every day?


You can proactively make the decision to improve your health or you can react to a health problem that forces your hand.  You don’t have to become a gym rat, pouring hours of your time into the gym, but there are some things you can do that can drastically change and improve your health.  Make the decision today to make the change.  Commit to the 5and2Guy way and take advantage of the compound effect of a few simple disciplines practiced everyday.  Anyone can do it and if you have a family, I feel you are obligated to take action.  Your family loves you and want you to be around for a long time.  What better gift can we give them than our time?  And the easiest way to give them our time is to ensure we have lots of time to give.  Make the decision today and change your life!!!

Next week, I will provide some of these “few simple disciplines” that can change your life.  If you follow some of these disciplines and practices the 5and2Guy way, you will surely improve your health and the likelihood of having more time to give.

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