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Let’s Get Together Soon


Have you ever been talking with someone you haven’t seen in a while and either heard or said any of these statements:

“We need to get together soon.”

“Let’s do lunch some time.”

“I’ll get back to you in a bit.”

The next thing you know, three months pass, and you are chatting with them again.  This time the statements sound something like this:

“We REALLY need to get together soon.”

“We HAVE to do lunch some time.”

“I’ve been SO BUSY.  I’ll get back to you in a bit.”

We always have the right intentions, and we definitely want to see the other person, but it just can’t seem to happen.  Life tends to get in the way.  We tend to think that things will “slow down” but of course they only get busier.  Relationships begin to distance, feelings get hurt, and people drift apart.  Some people would just say, “That’s life.”  I say that’s not life…that’s a choice.  There is an answer and it is simple.  The next time you know you want, need, or should get together with someone, remember this:

“If you REALLY want to get something done, DECIDE WHEN AND WHERE you are going to do it.”

When And Where???

That’s right.  It’s that simple.  When you or your friend are saying any of those above statements, you should pause THEN and THERE and decide WHEN and WHERE.  Ask them if they can do dinner next Saturday?  Can they meet tonight for drinks?  Maybe they can get together for lunch next Wednesday?  Make it a point to get and make a commitment right then and there.  When they agree, you HAVE decide on a time and a place:

“Let’s meet at The Outback for dinner next Saturday at 5pm.”

“They are having karaoke at McGlynn’s tonight, let’t meet at 7.”

“Let’s do lunch next Wednesday.  I’ll pick you up at your office at 2pm.  You decide where.”

You may be thinking that the last quote does not say where.  Sure it does.  Their “office at 2pm.”  You only need the time and place.  Once you are together, you can decide where you want to actually eat.  No big deal.

We Have Plenty Of Time

We tend to not prioritize scheduling time together because we feel like we have plenty of time to get together.  But this may not necessarily be true.  Too many times, things happen that limit our availability to spend time with the people we love and care about.  They may end up moving across the country, have a new relationship or family that consumes all of their time, or Lord forbid they pass away before you see them again.  I know we think we have plenty of time, but we often don’t.  Imagine this…let’s say you typically go fishing with your grandfather twice a year.  You may be thinking, I have plenty of time to go fishing so no rush.  But’s let say Pop Pop is getting up there in age and may only have about five more years to live.  Then you really only have at best ten times to go fishing with Pop Pop.  Take the time now!!!


We all seem to fall victim to the Let’s Get Together Soon syndrome.  We tend to think we have plenty of time and opportunity, but we only have the time if we take the time.  And don’t let Let’s Get Together Soon syndrome fool you.  It can also disguise itself as other responses.  If you find yourself telling someone you love, “We’ll see” or “Maybe”, it’s the same thing.  Chances are high, it won’t happen.  And that is an opportunity lost.  Make your friends and loved ones a priority in your life.  When you hear yourself or your friend saying any of these statements, simply decide THEN and THERE on the WHEN and WHERE.  You will find that things actually start to happen then.  Your relationships will become richer and your life more happier because of it!!!  

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