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Do What Average People Don’t Do


I was reading a book by Beau Norton titled 4 Simple Steps to Massive Success, when I came across this quote,

“If you do the things average people don’t do, you’ll go places the average people won’t go!”

This quote provides a simple message.  If you want to be successful, you have to do what average people are not willing to do.  No, not rocket science, but another “reality coming at ya” quote about how we need to wake up if we want success and money to flow into our lives.  In order to understand, let’s clearly define who the “average people” are.

Average Isn’t Bad!!!

First of all, this is not a post to put anyone down.  Calling someone “average” could hurt their feelings and that is not what this post is about or what the 5and2Guy is about.  We’re all average in one way, shape, or form in different areas of our lives.  There are also areas in our life that we can excel and be above average.  So, being “average” is relative to the conversation and topic at hand.  With that being said, let’s talk about what it means to be an “average person” when it comes to money and financial success.

Average People & Financial Success

When it comes to financial success, average people kinda fall short.  Average people don’t do what many successful people do.  Here is a list of a few things average people don’t do:

  • They don’t make saving money a priority;
  • They tend to not invest much or any at all;
  • They don’t start their own businesses;
  • They don’t read books regularly;
  • They don’t see learning as a continuing effort.

It’s easy to see how these five things can affect our success with both finances and our careers.  I am not saying that a person is horrible for not doing these things.  I am just saying that these are the things that average people don’t do whereas successful people do.  Let’s look at what successful people do.

What Successful People Do

If you look at successful people, they have many things in common.  Here are some of the most common things successful people do:

  • They make saving money a priority;
  • They invest to grow their money;
  • They tend to start their own businesses or heavily invest in others;
  • They read business and self-improvement books daily;
  • They know learning is a process not a destination;
  • They are goal oriented;
  • They exercise and eat right;
  • They focus on productivity;
  • They get up early;
  • They understand life is a balancing act.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with being average.  I am average in many things.  But there are things we should strive to be above average in.  If we want success and money to flow into our lives, we need to do what the successful people do if we want to go where the successful people go.  We need to be willing to put the extra effort into learning, planning, and working to build our futures.  We need to look and imagine where we want to end up and then work backwards from there to identify the steps to get there.  It will take grit and determination to make it happen.  Average people don’t want to put that effort in.  But if you are reading this post, I suspect you are NOT average.  We are not an average group.  We will do what the average people don’t do so we can go where the average people can’t go!!!

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