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“5 Years to build a business is too long.”


I was listening to a YouTube video by Jaspreet Singh on his channel, The Minority Mindset, when he said something that really caught my ear.  He was saying that if people want to be able to use the Internet to build a sustainable income over the next five years, then his video is the one for you.  He continues to say that when people hear five years, they think that is too long.  He says, and I quote, 

“The majority of people will tell you that busting your butt for five years to build a business and your wealth is too long.  So, instead, they spend the next forty years working a job they hate just to barely stay above average.”

This was incredibly eye opening to me.  People would rather work 40 years, busting their butt for someone else, rather than investing it in their own business towards financial independence.  Crazy right?  Doesn’t it seem like common sense to look to start your own business?  But like we said in a post last week, “Common sense is not always common practice.”  If you take this thought, by Jaspreet Singh, and combine it with Beau Norton’s book titled 4 Simple Steps to Massive Success, you can get started on your own business and changing your life.

Let’s review those 4 simple steps from Beau Norton’s book now:

1.  Dream Big

Take the time and write down every big idea you can think of for your future.  Think about everything you want to accomplish.  Out of everything you want to accomplish and do, think of one thing you are really good at and want to create.  Don’t worry about how to create it.  Just think about what you want to create and you can later think about how to create it.

2.  Dispose of Ignorance

Simply said, the more you know, the more capable you are.  The only way to dispose of ignorance is to learn more.  There are tons of ways to learn more.  You can take a class, watch instructional YouTube videos, or read some books.  I have always said that learning is a process, not a destination.  We need to be learning something new every day.  They only way to change your financial future is to change yourself.  And you can change yourself by disposing of ignorance and learning as much as you can about what you want to create.

3.  Develop a Plan

You need to have a well thought out plan if you want to be successful.  Take the time to think about everything that needs to be done to bring your idea to reality.  Mr. Norton said, “Successful people aren’t lucky, they’re just more precise about their actions.”  If you want to be successful, you have to do what successful people do.  Think about every step you have to take to create your idea.  Make them very small and precise steps.  Once you have these steps, write down a 5-year and 1-year goal.  Then write down monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals.  This is how you bring your dream into reality.

Final Thoughts

Anyone with the right determination and mindset can change their financial futures.  You don’t have to have the highest IQ or be the sharpest knife in the drawer to be successful.  All you need to do is understand what Jaspreet is saying about the mindset you need to have and couple that with Beau Norton’s 4 Simple Steps to Massive Success, and you can quickly be on the road to building your own business.  Don’t settle for working for someone else for the next 40 years.  Put together a plan to work for yourself one day and start executing on that plan.  If you take this step, within 5 years your life could be completely different.  Not just in the money you make, but in the person you are.  Best of luck!!!

You can watch Jaspreet’s video here:

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