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Why Not Your Own Home Gym?


Why don’t many people have their own home gym?  Even people who are committed to getting healthier come up with reasons why they won’t start their own home gym.  These are the same people who come up with reasons for not going to the gym too.  Though there are a million excuses people can come up with to not put together their own home gym, there are three that top the list.

In this post, we will review these three main reasons and show why these reasons should NOT stop you.   Let’s begin…

Reason #1:  Too Expensive

People will complain that it costs too much money to build their own home gym.  They say things like they need all the equipment to start and they can’t afford it.  I can tell you that you do NOT need much equipment to start, or even any equipment at all.  You could simply do body weight exercises like push ups, sit ups, etc…. All you really need to start is a designated space to work out.  You can use a spare room, the basement, or a section of the living room.  You could even go outside on your deck or in the grass.  You can workout anywhere.

If you really want to buy equipment, you can start cheap.  I started with buying 15 and 20lb dumbbells.  They were about a dollar a pound.  I also bought a small bench, which I think cost about $50 or so.  I was able to get started with minimal equipment for under $150. 

Reason #2:  No Space To Workout

People will complain that their house is too small and that there is no space to designate as a workout room.  It may be true that there isn’t much space in their homes, but space can be shared.  As I mentioned in Reason #1, you can use part of another room as the work out space.  A living room can quickly transform to a workout room by moving that dining table out of the way or pushing the foot stool to the side.  After that, you can bring out any equipment you have, or simply do a workout you found on YouTube.  Boom…workout room in the house!!!  

You could also exercise outside.  Many gyms will do this with some classes they run.  They will hold their classes outside, so why can’t you work out at home outside?  You just need to take the time to work out and go to that space.  Easy!!!

Reason #3:  I Can’t Work Out By Myself

In my best Sherman voice from The Nutty Professor, “Yes you can!!!”  You can work out by yourself.  I have been working out by myself for over 20 years.  I go down to my work out room in the basement and knock out 45-60 minutes of training at least 3x a week, by myself.  Sure I have to be careful with the amount of weight I lift and what I do, but I can easily work out by myself and so can you.  Put on your favorite TV show, listen to an uplifting YouTube video, or put on some awesome workout music and git-r-done!!!  Sure it can be more fun to work out with a friend, but if that’s not possible, there is nothing wrong with working out by yourself.

Final Thoughts

People use excuses all the time about why they don’t work out or why they don’t hit the gym very often.  It can be a pain in the butt to get up early, drive out to the gym, work out for an hour, come home, get a shower, and then head to work.  It can be time consuming, but a home gym can cut that time down quite a bit.  There are always a million reasons why something can’t be done, but you only need one good reason for something to get done.  You want to be healthier, but going to the gym takes too much time.  Create your own gym at home.  Designate a space, perform body weight exercises, or buy some cheaper gym equipment to help with your workouts.

Be like me.  I started with buying some dumbbells over 20 years ago.  I now have a full gym in my basement with pretty much everything I need and dumbbells up to 60lbs.  I also have multiple benches, a chin up bar, a treadmill, and an Elliptical machine.  I just bought another piece of equipment each year and kept adding every year.  As I got more equipment, my workouts changed.  It was like my workouts progressed with the growth of my home gym.  I did it and so can you.  Just a little bit each year and you will have a full home gym in no time!!!

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