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“Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.” — Jim Rohn


This is a great quote from one of my mentors.  I can hear him saying it now.  You may be wondering what giving has to do with making money, but I assure you it is important.  As Mr. Rohn says, “giving starts the receiving process.”  If you want to receive more out of life, in this instance money, you need to give more. 

Let’s look at how we can give.

Ways To Give

Giving is easy and can be done in so many ways.  We can donate money to many worthy causes.  Storms have plagued the islands, churches are feeding the poor, and health organizations are raising money for those in need.  Donating money to these places puts money out there for a good cause and also is just a good thing to do.  You will feel better about yourself, knowing you are contributing to society and making a difference.

We can donate items from around the house that we don’t use any more.  Food, clothes, toys, small appliances, computers, etc… can be given to food pantries or Goodwill in order to provide for those less fortunate.  That old coat you never wear may not be very important to you, but could mean the world to someone who needs it.  Toys your kids no longer play with can bring a smile to the face of a kid who never gets a visit from Santa.

We can also donate our time, which is even more important than money.  We can always make more money, but we can’t make more time.  So, giving of your time is even more valuable than money.  By giving of your time, you get to experience the cause you are donating to.  This is chicken soup for the soul and puts you in line for good things to come.

What We Get

The great thing about giving of money and time is that when you put it out there, it comes back.  I often donate my time to our church and any worthy cause that comes my way.  My character grows from the experiences and the feelings of doing something selfless.  Great friendships can be made when we are providing donations to worthy causes as well.  Donating can be a great way to network with other like-minded people.  And you never know when the next person you meet could be your next business partner or customer.

Someone I Admire

There is a gentleman at our church that I have heard gives of his time and money in great abundance.  He is obviously a pretty wealthy man, though you would never know it.  His wife and himself donate their time and quite a bit of money to making the church a better place.  I admire the position he is in to give and pray to be in that position one day.

Just yesterday, in the church hall, he bought ten $10 football cards to support the Knights of Columbus.  As he was filling them out, he was getting tired of writing his name and address on them all.  So, he gave two of the tickets to a friend who sat down beside him and said all he had to do was fill out his name and address and the cards were his.  Sure, you could say he didn’t feel like writing his information on the cards, but he still gave away $20 and didn’t bat an eye.  He is a very rich man, in more ways than one.

Final Thoughts

When you give of your money and time, you are becoming involved and the Universe will thank you.  You build up all this good energy and it can’t help but come back to you.  I know that may sound corny but I truly believe that what you put out in this world definitely comes back to you.  Put out bad things and you will get yours.  Put out good things and you will receive good things.

I experienced this last year.  I was doing my best, donating my time and money, as much as I could to our church.  I also did my best to put as much positive energy out as I could.  Then, out of the blue, I received a bonus from work!!!  It wasn’t a ton of money, but a bonus was unheard of.  I can’t help but think all the good things I was doing resulted in God giving back to me!!!

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