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Who Wants To Get Bumped???


I don’t think anyone typically wants to get bumped.  You can be bumped off a flight, bumped by another car on the road, or bumped into by someone who is not paying attention walking.  None of these sounds really great, but there is one “bumped” you definitely want to get and that is the financial app Bumped!!!

What Is Bumped???

Bumped is a financial app that allows you to get rewards, from specified retailers and restaurants, in the form of stock in that company.  For example, when I buy anything from Dunkin Donuts, I received 2% back in their company’s stock.  The great thing is that I am getting stock in their company for buying what I would have bought anyway.  I didn’t have to pay extra for the stock.  It is just a reward for shopping with them.  How great is that!!!

How Does It Work?

You first need to download the app and sign up.  You can run the app on either Android or Apple devices.  Once you install the app, you are NOT instantly in.  You are put on a waiting list.  Yeah, I know.  You are put in line to get Bumped.  Now, you can move up in line faster if you use their referral link they provide you and invite others to join the waiting list with you.  The more people you refer, the quicker you will be accepted.  I remember sending the link out to like 5 people and ended up getting access to Bumped within a week.

Once you are in, all you have to do is three little steps:

1.  Link a debit or credit card to the app

2.  Choose your favorite brands

3.  Spend money on those brands.

It’s that simple.  There isn’t any other requirements or money that you have to put in.  Just spend the money you would typically spend on those brands anyway and earn stock in their company.  But what brands you ask?

What Brands?

Bumped has a pretty good selection of brands across a number of categories.  As of today, here are the categories, brands, and percentages of stock you can earn:


  • 3% at Jack in the Box
  • 3% at McDonald’s
  • 3% at Wendy’s

Club WareHouse:

  • 1% at Sam’s Club


  • 2% at Dunkin’ Donuts
  • 2% at Starbucks

Drug Stores:

  • 1% at CVS
  • 1% at Walgreens

Family Dining:

  • 2% at Applebee’s
  • 2% at Chili’s
  • 2% at Olive Garden
  • 2% at Red Robin


  • 1% at Kroger Family of Stores

Home Improvement:

  • 1% at The Home Depot

Mexican Food:

  • 2% at Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • 2% at Taco Bell

Music Subscriptions:

  • 1% at Pandora
  • 5% at Spotify


  • 1% at Domino’s
  • 5% at Papa John’s
  • 2% at Pizza Hut

Ride Sharing:

  • 0.5% at Lyft
  • 0.5% at Uber


  • 1% at Target
  • 1% at Walmart


  • 0.5% at AT&%
  • 0.5% at T-Mobile
  • 0.5% at Verizon Wireless

Video Subscriptions:

  • 1% at Netflix
  • 5% at Sling TV


  • 1 at Willamette Vally Vineyards

Final Thoughts

Joining Bumped is kind of a no-brainer.  Why not get stock in a company for every purchase you make in the company?  You are NOT paying anything extra.  It is just free stock.  And when their stock goes up, you account value goes up.  Granted, these are only a small fraction of stock received, but at the 5and2Guy, we believe in little things adding up to big rewards later.  All we have to do is be consistent.  And Bumped takes care of the consistency for you as all you have to do is link your card, select your brands, and then you buy like you would normally buy.

I have been using Bumped for about a year now and currently have $93.93 worth of stock in my selections.  I know that is not much, but all I had to do to get it was those 3 little steps I mentioned above.  Free stock for buying what I would have bought anyways.  Good deal!!!  I highly recommend signing up for Bumped as you automatically get free stock in your favorite brands just by using Bumped.  Who doesn’t want free stock???

Head over to to join the waiting list today!!!

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