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Be Thorough


I have read many books on happiness, mindfulness, efficiency, and results.  One common theme I’m beginning to see is to be thorough and focus on the How.  Many books are suggesting that if you want to find satisfaction and success in what you do, then you need to focus on How you are doing something, even more so than the What you are trying to attain.  This seems a bit strange, so maybe we should look at it a bit.

Focus On The How More Than The What???

This may seem strange.  If we focus on the How more than the What, how will we know when we are done?  Before you start a task, the What needs all of the attention.  What do you need to get done?  What is the result you are trying to reach?  How will it improve your life?  You have to focus on figuring out What needs to be done before you get started.  But once you figure out What you need to do, your focus needs to shift.

Shift Your Focus To The How!!!

Now that you know What you want to do, it is all about How you do it.  Do that task as it if it the most important task in the world.  This is your one thing you have to do, so do it the best you can.  Give it your undivided attention and be thorough in its completion.  This doesn’t mean go overboard and waste time doing it.  It means giving it the attention it needs to do it right.  Here is a simple way to think about it.

The Project

Imagine you have a project you need to get done.  You first have to identify the end result and then you can plot out all the steps that will get you there.  Start out with the end game in mind and then work backwards, identifying each step that will get you there.  Once you have identified all the steps, schedule time to perform each step.  When you perform each step, be thorough.  Do each step to the best of your ability.  Remember…when you are performing that step, it is the most important step in the world, so give it your undivided attention and do it well.

Repeat this for each step of the project and guess what?  The end result will be the culmination of all those steps done right.  And if you do all those steps thoroughly, your end result can’t help but be great.  

Final Thoughts

It can be tough at times to focus on the How of something being done more than What we actually want from our actions, but it is necessary.  In order for the What to be its best, the How needs the attention.  When you focus on the How, you are investing into something bigger.  You will gain a sense of satisfaction and peace in how you are doing what you are doing.  And in the end, the What is better because of it.  Be thorough in how you do things and you will gain much more than just a great What!!!

I will leave you with this quote I remember reading.  I don’t remember who said it, but I wanted to share it nonetheless:

“Thoroughness consists in doing little things as though they were the greatest things in the world.”

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