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Find A Buddy!!!


This workout thing can be tough.  Who wants to work out alone???  And what about dieting?  “Why should I suffer alone???”  Guess what…you’re right!!!  You don’t have to do anything alone.  If you are thinking about starting a new diet or a workout routine, why not find a buddy to suffer through it with you?

How can a buddy be helpful?  I’m glad you asked!!!

“At least I’m not alone.”

It is one thing to suffer alone, but it is a different thing all together to suffer with someone else.  I use the word “suffer” here to be over dramatic, but my point here is that we tend to feel better when we are with someone experiencing the same challenges.  Most people are more likely to deal better with challenges and changes in their lives when they don’t have to face them alone.  You may feel like you are fighting and clawing your way through the new workout routine, or you feel famished from your diet, but you can also get a bit of a chuckle from your buddy suffering too.  You guys are in this together and you WILL make it through together!!!

A Buddy Can Push You

When you feel like you are about to break down and give in, a buddy can help keep you on track.  When you feel like you are going to break your diet, call your buddy and talk about it.  When you don’t feel like working out, call your buddy and work out together.  They can push you when you feel like you want to give up.  Your buddy can be your rock when you feel weak.  And guess what…your buddy may be weak some times too and need your help.  And when you help your buddy be strong, you become stronger too!!!

Your Buddy Will Hold You Accountable

There are a number of ways to hold yourself accountable for sticking to your diet and workout routine, but having a buddy is one of the best ways.  In the fitness world, I have heard these people referred to as Accountability Partners.  Call them that whatever you want, but I call this person my buddy.  They will check in with you each day to see how you are doing.  They will get on your back when you mess up.  You could even work out a type of penalty that your buddy can enforce if you mess up on your diet or workout routine.  Some people will give their buddies a $100.00 to donate to  their least favorite charity as motivation if they mess up.  It doesn’t matter if you choose a penalty style approach to accountability or just have a buddy who is constantly on your back.  Either way, a buddy is the way to go!!!

Final Thoughts

When you want to start a new diet or workout routine, you DON’T have to go at it alone.  Find a buddy with similar goals and work with them.  You guys can “suffer” through these positive changes together.  You can push each other to be better and fight through when you feel like giving up.  Your buddy can hold you accountable for failures and enforce any penalties for such failure.  It is true you can work your way through a diet or workout routine on your own, but it can be more fun with a buddy and your chances of success can even be greater if you work together!!!

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