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Is This Slowing You Up???


One of the fastest ways to help you make money is….drum roll please…..KICKING INDECISION!!!  Too many people fail to start their own business or take that next step in their careers due to indecision.  A key part of indecision is doubt.  You may doubt your ability, wonder if you have it in you.  This doubt can lead to you saying, “I want to start my own business”, but never amount to actually starting the business or taking that next step in your career.

In the book 52 Small Changes For The Mind, the author talked about kicking indecision to the curb and getting things going.  Here are a few of the suggestions from the book with some 5and2Guy insights…

Prioritize Around Your Values

When you are facing decisions that have a huge impact on your life, you need a guiding light.  That guiding light is your core values and what is important to you.  Have you identified your core values and principles that govern how you live and how you make decisions?  For example, if your family is your priority and you want to show them every day, perhaps starting a business that requires you to travel five days a week may not be a good idea.  Understand your priorities and core values in order to be able to make decisions faster.

Trust Your Intuition

We all have intuition and we can feel it in our stomachs.  It will nag at us, telling us we are doing something wrong or that we should do something.  Embrace your intuition and use it to make decisions faster.  I believe our intuition is our core values and priorities trying to talk to us when we let challenges muddy our way.  Listen to your intuition and compare it with your core values and priorities.  It will typically lead you the right way.

Reject the Notion Of Perfection

As long as we are striving for perfection, we will never be finished.  Perfection doesn’t exist.  Perfection is the enemy of progress.  We have to understand that things can be less than perfect but still be really great.  Don’t let perfection stifle your progress.  Typically there are many choices that can work, but not making a choice out of the fear of it not being perfect is a sure way to be stuck in indecision.  Done is better than perfect!!!

Outsource When Necessary

When you are dealing with something that seems outside your league, ask a friend, mentor, or colleague for some help.  Get other people’s opinions, especially the opinions of those who have experience doing what you are trying to do. 

Streamline Options

Too many options can lead to indecisions.  People are 10x more likely to make a choice when the choices are limited.  It is better to have three specific options that twenty generic options.  Eliminate as many choices as you can and narrow it down to the vital few that are most effective.  Then make a decision.

Set Time Limits

If you are having a hard time making a decision, set a time limit as to when you want to make that decision.  Don’t let decisions drag on for hours, days, weeks.  Set a deadline in your calendar or journal and make a decision by the agreed upon date.  Even though it may not be the best decision, any decision is better than no decision.

Have a Contingency Plan

Sometimes we don’t want to make a decision because we are afraid of the possible outcomes.  Try to imagine the worst case scenario and come up with a plan on how to respond to it.  This will help you feel better about making a decision quickly.

Deal With Disappointment

Disappointment is a part of life and business.  You may make a decision that does not work out the best for you.  No worries.  Reflect on the results and learn from them.  Use what you learn to make a better decision going forward and make the appropriate changes.  You haven’t really failed at anything until you quit.  So, each disappointment carries with it a lesson that you can make you stronger and better.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to make decisions some times, but it is far worse to not make any decisions at all.  Indecision slows down progress.  Don’t let doubt or worry sit you on the fence of decision making.  Use some suggestions in this post to help you make decisions quickly and respond to the results of those decisions.  Your decisions do NOT have to be perfect.  Even a perceived wrong decision can bring about better results than no decision at all.  I leave you with this quote from H. Jackson Brown, Jr.,

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

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