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Everyone Loves A Hug!!!


Sometimes people just need a hug.  Well, sometimes a hug can be a little too much, but we can’t underestimate the power of the human touch.  It creates a connection between people.  You can tell a lot about a relationship between two people by the way they say hi to each other. 

For example, two business people will typically say hi by shaking hands.  But depending upon how much respect they have for each other, while shaking hands, their other hand may clasp the same hand in a hand sandwich or move up the arm…depending on how much respect they have for each other.  Lots of people will turn hand shaking into a fist bump, bro-shake, or bro-hug.  Women tend to go straight for the hug, in personal settings, and a simple hand shake in a business setting.

The point is that you can tell a lot about a relationship by how people connect, physically, with each other.  In the book, 52 Small Changes For The Mind, they discussed the power of touch.  A pat on the back, a touch of the arm, or a full hug can build feelings of joy and love.  Even without saying a word, a simple touch can reduce stress, strengthen relationships, and break down barriers between people.

Hug Your Kids

If you want to strengthen the bond between you and your kids, a simple hug a couple times a day will do it.  You can hug them first thing in the morning and ask them how they slept.  You can hug them when they get home from school, to show them you missed them and hope they had a great day.  You can hug them before bed to help them have a good night of sleep.  These little hugs can form an everlasting bond between you and them. 

I know that sometimes the older kids…teenagers, can be a little resistant to hugs, but you can still develop a connection with them through your own special fist bump, shoulder bump, etc…. Figure out what works and do it!!!  Your kids need to feel your touch, love, and security.

Hug Your Spouse

My wife and I start each day with a hug.  And not just a hug and run, but a hug that last for 3-5 seconds that shows how much we love each other and says that we can tackle whatever the day has in store for us.  All of this without saying a single word.  This is a hug that just charges my battery and sends me off to kick today’s butt.  I know it may not seem like much, and it only takes a few seconds, but the compound effect of that simple hug everyday for years really adds up to something special.  If you don’t do this, I strongly suggest you make it a part of your morning routine.

Make Contact More

Here are a few suggestions from 52 Small Changes For The Mind, to increase your physical contact with others and strengthen your relationships:

  • Skip the wave or handshake, and go in for the hug.
  • Hold hands, put your arm around a shoulder.
  • Pet your pets.  This can be extremely calming and relaxing.
  • Cuddle with your kids while reading a bedtime story or watching a movie.
  • Cuddle with a partner or friend while watching television.
  • Hold hands on top of the dinner table or let your feet touch under the table.

These are some very simple ways to strengthen your relationships with others.  Try to mix a few of them into your day and watch your relationships grow!!!

Final Thoughts:

It doesn’t take much to show someone how much you care for them.  A simple fist bump, shoulder bump, or hug can go a very long way.  Take advantage of every opportunity you can to increase physical contact with friends and family.  No, don’t make it weird.  Don’t be that “that guy” that people try to avoid.  But be smart with it and express your affection for another person through innocent, friendly contact.  Not only can it build relationships, but it can also reduce stress and be very relaxing.  There is nothing like holding the hand of your spouse while lying in bed, or cuddling with your child while watching a movie. 

Give some of these things a try and I guarantee the bonds of your relationships will strengthen more than you ever imagined!!!

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