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Show Your Pearly Whites


Who has a pretty smile?  Everyone does!!!  A smile can immediately make you look nice, more approachable, and overall just a friendlier person.  But did you know that smiling can also affect your health, mental state, and overall outlook on life.  In the book titled 52 Small Changes For The Mind, author Brett Blumenthals says “Show Your Pearly Whites” if you want to feel better and improve your mood.  There are many ways you can engage in smiling each day, even if you have to force it.  Let’s talk about a few from the book.

Fake It Till You Make It

Studies show that if you simply force yourself to smile, you can actually put yourself in a better mood.  I can say that this definitely does help.  On one of the YouTube videos I was watching, the person said to smile as soon as you wake up every morning.  I get up at 5:15 each morning and can honestly tell you that I am usually in no mood to smile or be excited about the day.  So, I started to test the “fake it till you make it” with a smile each morning.  I did this for a few mornings and have to admit, that I did tend to feel better.  I am not sure what it is, but unbelievably, it made that first 15 minutes of my day easier as I was waking up.  Sure, I look silly smiling in the mirror at 5:15 in the morning, but no one sees me and it helps.  So, I like it.  The problem is that I forget to to smile some mornings because I am so tired.  I have to work on that.

Spend Time With Children & Pets

It is said that people who generally spend time with children and time petting their pets are generally happier people.  Anyone who spends five minutes with a young child can’t help but smile at the things they say and do.  “Kids say the darnedest things” is the truth and they can make you smile and laugh.  Plus, spending time with kids can even make you feel younger.  And let’s not forget our pets.  The unconditional love of a pet, like a dog or cat, can make anyone smile and be happier.  People with pets have a higher tendency to be healthy and calmer as there is something very calming about petting an animal.

Smile At Strangers

Smile at everyone you see.  Just walk down the street with a smile on your face.  No, I am not saying a creepy smile like The Joker in Batman, but a warm smile like Mother Teresa’s quote we talked about in this post last Tuesday.  Try to keep a smile on your face as often as you can.  Smile at everyone you pass.  Greet them with kindness in your face and with a smile that will make you both feel better.  Watch how infectious a smile can be.

Upgrade To Laughter

If you think smiling is good for your health, try laughter.  Laughter is extremely good for your mental and physical health.  Get together with a friend and find a funny movie or watch a comedian.  Things always seem funnier with a friend because seeing your friends laugh will make you laugh more, which will make them laugh more.  It’s a gift that keeps giving.  Try to include some laughter in each and every day if you want to improve your overall health and outlook on life.

Final Thoughts

You can improve your overall health and outlook on life by simply smiling and laughing more.  We feel good when we smile and when we laugh.  We create positive thoughts and feelings which are food for the soul and the body.  Smiling and laughing is an important part of your every day fitness, so do your best to smile as often as you can.  When you wake up in the morning, smile to wake yourself up.  When you go out in public, smile at people when they look at you.  When your kids look at you, smile to show them you love them.  Kiss your spouse good night with a smile on your face that shows them how happy you are to have them. Don’t forget to make sure yourself laugh as well.  Laughter brings people closer together and provides more great vibes for everyone.  Remember to “Show those pearly whites” and infect everyone around you with happiness.  This is important for great health!!!

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